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8/29/2005 10:06 am

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yahoo drama


I just LOVE online Drama its soo damn fun....i have this chat room ive gone to for like 3 yrs now and the girls get soo mad when i flirt and the guys they like come to my box......( these guys tell me the crazy things these girls do lol ) i dont talk much about anything sexual but then they get pissed at me and call me names like okay darlin my YAHOO FEELINGS are going to get today i went to the Docs and i found out im 198 1/4 pounds lmao....ive gained about 45 pounds since may 2005 CRAZY...i mean im a big girl but oh well im cute aint i?!! yes i am lol i just think its funny that grown ass women have to use fat jokes to try and hurt me>

hee hee god bless ya'll

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