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11/22/2005 2:57 pm

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finish of the last post

Yeah he was saying something like that lol it was fucking funny and cute at the same time lol....he made me get naked ( he took my clothes off and pushed them aside ) in my front YARD OMG lmao we layed my blanky on the ground and under the cold cloudy with a few starrssky damn i was scared and cold. So yeah please forgive me im ADHD so im thinking about 100 things at once and typing. ok so last night he comes over and were in my room laying down and hes looking around my room and says ur room is missing something like wtf no it aint god stop being nosey and punched him and bit him....then hes like brb he goes out to his car and he comes back in with his hand behind his back an sits on teh bed and goes here ( i dont remember what he said i got a lil teary eyed lol and ksised him ) i goo aww thanked him and put them in a vase and hes like yup that works lol WASNT THAT CUTE soo young i have soo much to learn and go through....he even got me doggy style LMAO

ok im falling asleep my back is killing me so i took some meds heehee



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