time for a makeover  

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8/8/2005 7:09 am

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time for a makeover

I have two more weeks left of the summer holidays and then all the partying and BBQs stop. Well I say stop, but more likely just cut down.
I have been very busy over the years with the end of my marriage, to moving house, to retraining for a new career and what with the scene as well. I am thinking its about time I stopped and took some time out from being busy all the time, so that I can focus on myself.
My body cant keep going the way its been going with such partying, so am going to make a proper effort to get into shape and keep fit.
I have purchased a bike so will be making up a routine. As soon as the kids go to school at 9pm I am going to take that point to go cycling for an hour most days. I say most coz theres no point in committing myself to every day incase I dont then feel a sense of failure. No. most days, as long as two days do not run together without any form of excercise, then its workable.
Am concerned though about sit ups for my tummy as I have lower back pain and have always had this, so if anyone knows of a way I can tighten my tummy muscles without resorting to old fashioned sit ups then I will be delighted for your help.
As for my chest area, well.... if it goes it goes and I will be gutted about that, but at the end of the day I have never been below a 36b so as far as I am concerned it should be all right... just!

I have started my clear out for it . The whole house is getting cleared out. a clutterless house really does help me with being calm and focussing. All the usual crap I eat and love in the fridge is being binned. am stocking up on water and juices and vegetables and healthy things.
Am writing this blog because I know that as soon as I post it, in a way I am committing myself to doing it. I cant go back on something I have made so public.
Its been good fun being a BBW in many ways (big boobs for a start), but time has come for a change.
I will post up my results in pic form at xmas in a santa xmas sexy outfit for all to see.

Suz xx

Chele46H 49F

8/10/2005 3:31 pm

Hi Suz

I wish you every success in your weight loss goal. It's not an easy feat but I know how determined a character you are and I have every confidence that you will succeed.

I'm now almost 7 stones lighter than I was in June 2004 and I'm loving things like - buying clothes in "normal" shops, doing things I'd be too embarrassed to before cause of my size (like canoeing lol!) and being a more confident person.

My life has changed for the better in so many ways and I hope that you'll find the same for you.

All the best my friend and keep me posted re your progress.

Chele xxxx

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