Exam cheats  

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6/1/2005 3:34 am

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Exam cheats

I have been at college now for the past 2 years. We are near the end of the training period and exams are being held. I enrolled as a Beauty Therapist and am qualified now, but I still have one exam left to do which is for Acrylic nails.

The question here on this particular matter is to cheat or not to cheat. I choose not to but it made me think of how much pressure there is at this time of year for thousands of students that might actually consider it. Even the tutors themselves!
You see we have to do "hands on " work where we can produce a finished product. Now due to not being trained properly in some fields and actually had no training at all in another, sitting tests is quite literally impossible. I could do it of course. I know how to by my own research. However the tutor has got girls in class writing up documentation to prove it has been done and it quite simply hasnt! I was told also to "just fill in a form and I'l sign it" , to which I actually did, as there were external verifiers coming into said college to look at my portfolio of work. ( I had been quite opinionated the previous year and they wanted to check on my progress). I did it. I actually did it, but it left one hell of a bad taste in my mouth. Where were my morals? Where were all the principles I have been adhering to for years? Where had they all gone? Out the bloomin window for the sake of trying to gain a piece of paper to prove I could do this one thing. But what does the paper prove in the end? I may have owned it, but thats useless if I couldnt do the actual work properly.
I walked into class last week and it was absolutely full. Didnt even have a place to sit. There were all these gilrs sitting with their friends as clients, carrying out treatments on them. It wouldnt have mattered the outcome. The clients being friends would never have complained!Even if they caught an infection due to lack of sterilising tools they would never have said anything. All these girls were getting assesssed and will be out in the industry in two weeks!!
I looked at them all, busy working away, chatting to their friends, oblivious to what was actually going on, not realising the impact this would have on their future. Not realsing that by lack of training one wrong thing happens out there in industry and they could get the ass sued off them, lose their homes and liveliehood, to give compensation to someone that was suing them for catching an infection from unsterilised utensils or improper advice, ect. ! (yes its heavy I know, but I'm a deep thinker!). I looked at them and then the tutor walked in and said to me "We can just squeeze you in between these ppl so take a seat". I looked at her and at that moment felt disgusted with myself, i made an excuse and I about turned and walked out.
Today I went to see the Head of Department. I told her how I felt and how it was impossible for me to carry on with the course is it stood. I told her that while cheating is going on in that room, I would not be a part of it. I told her about the log books and I also told her that the tutor in question was committing "gross misconduct" by her actions. I did not want to get the girls into trouble but surely they could see for themselves what was happening, and if they were in compliance with it then as far as I was concerned they were just as bad as the tutor.
I was cheating myself out of the right to a good education, and as far as I am concerned that is not good enough for me. Not for the way I live my life, its got to be something I am proud of, an acheivement rightly given through hard work and determination. Its a personal goal.
The Head of Department listened very carefully to what I had to say. I saw her face change as we went on. I knew she was not happy with what she was hearing, but I also knew that she is a very wise woman who would take the information and without causing a scene sort out the problem in a positive way.There was no need to go any further and cause an uproar throughout the whole of the college when it could be handled quietly an dicreetly I thought.
So the girls in class are being assessed by someone else, a woman who is a stickler for perfection. Its tougher now, much tougher. They have got extra time to practise and update themselves properly.
As for me, The Head of Dept made me an offer I couldnt refuse. I am to go back after the holidays and to start training again at MY pace which works with MY ideals on how it should be. She is giving me home all the products I need to train at my pace rom home over the holidays. She knows in past that I am to be trusted to do this, and she knows that when i am trained it will be to the best possible standard, maybe even a standard higher than the colleges training!
As for the tutor, I do not know. I dont want her up on disciplinary hearings. I believe the Head of Dept will pull her to one side and have a word and it'll frighten her enough to sort it out.
I will eventually get my qualification, but it will be when I feel myself I deserve it and I will be proud to have acheived it honestly!
But what of the thousands upon thousands of students out there who are given an opportunity to cheat? Do they also hold onto their integrity and abstain from it, or do they not have a feeling of self worth to go down the proper channels? I know I nearly slipped. If the opportunity is there then its only too easy for someone to cheat, so what does that piece of paper really mean to them at the end of the day?

Suzanne xxx

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6/1/2005 8:06 am

results are indicative of efforts. If the tutor is not doing her job, she should not be there. People may think of this as just having their nail done but if done shoddily, this is something that could result in a life threatening condition (septicemia).

You did the right thing

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