A lonely weekend  

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6/2/2005 9:50 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A lonely weekend

My head feels slightly spinny today. I think am sitting on internet far far too long.Either that or just coming down with the flu.

I have had a message from my ex husband telling me he is coming to pick up the kids tomorrow till Sunday. This will leave my weekend completly clear, but I have no plans.

What shall I do with my time? I could go to a fetish club in Glasgow on Saturday but I am meant to be attending a fetBBQ the week after and need to save my pennies for that.

I shall stay in alone and no doubt be online and on this site for the duration.

I think I shall also pamper myself with a manicure, pedicure, vibrator and chinese, not forgetting to wash it all down with a nice drink. I shall probably turn the music up, try on all my sexy outfits and sit wondering why the hell I am so picky with men for am still alone.

In the meantime tonight I must be happy for I know my kids will be gone and I do have the luxury of pampering myself in relative peace and quiet....

I think lonely people have to turn their forced solitude into a positive thought in order to get through certain times. I do my best to do this. I may sometimes crave the company of a man but till the one comes along that I really like and want then I shall make do with entertaining myself.

Although there was a man who offered me and the kids a lift home from town today. Am sure I have seen his car before. I declined as was going to get some shopping, but he was bloody nice! hhhhmmm wonder who he was. Oh well, as the old saying goes, whats for you wont go by you.

Suzanne xx

p.s. am getting concerned about my youngest son. He was skipping home today like a girl, put money in a vending machine for a plastic ring and cried out in the supermarket at the top of his voice " Mum L*****N trying to kick me in the NUTS!!!! " I must have a heart to heart chat with him soon.

rm_Suzanne_999 47
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6/4/2005 6:54 pm

Dear dodgyhippy..

The offer is graciously recieved and I thank you kindly for making such an offer but alas it is an offer that could never be taken up. I read your profile with much much interest, about how much you had to say about your life, about your boss lady, and your love in many ways for her. To be commended am sure, as is your belief in polyamoury.
The belief in what you want is both admirable yet contradictory. You want one but look for another, fighting within yourself.

I could meet up with you for a few drinks, but i truly believe that entering your life like that would not benefit you or enrich your life or mine, so once again, what a lovely offer you made. Thank you but most most graciously declined, take care xxxxxxx

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