The Twelve Days Of Christmas  

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12/19/2005 12:30 am

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The Twelve Days Of Christmas

A Story Over Twelve Days.

The title of this escapade is rather a misnomer. It isn't set at Christmastime, it's written over Christmastime. Now I've sorted the logistics of the thing out, I'll press on, shall I ?
Come with me, fellow bloggers, on a journey. The journey of a released, repressed passion. The story of two peoples' emotions, finally unfettered, seeking and finding each other. The wild and wonderful feelings two people share in the still of the night and the turmoil of the day.

Chapter One. The Coming Together

As I approach the airport, a plane screeches overhead, coming into land. My nerves are jangling and the strident noise does nothing to allay my fears. On the contrary, it heightens them, all my hard won fortitude suddenly flies out of the window, as I face my own particular cross roads. Should I carry on , or should I turn back? Should I carry on , or should I turn back, carry on, turn back, carry on, turn back, carry on, turn back. Over and over again, like a mantra drumming inside my head. Suddenly my mind is made up for me, a car parking attendent is signalling where I should park. I drive into my alloted slot and sit very still, trying to compose myself. I can feel his presence dear reader; it overwhelms me, even from so far away. I know his physical being is nearer to me than ever before. So close, so very close, a matter of a few hundred yards away. I can fight this feeling no longer,indeed, I welcome it , want to embrace and nurture it, hold it to my breast, lovingly, then set it free for all to benefit from it's loving waves. I step from the car and load my cases onto a trolley. My heart is beating so hard I swear some seismologist, somewhere, is picking it up on his richter scale. I look down and am surprised to see it isn't evident, this pounding of my heart. To all outward appearances I look calm and composed. So far, so good. I lock the car and putting one foot purposefully in front of the other walk towards the airport terminal.
I have forgotten everything he told me. Where we would meet, what he would be wearing, who he was, even ! Well, nearly..! My mind had become as a colander with very large holes through which all important information was departing, post-haste. As I enter the building, I try my best to compose myself and think where we were going to meet. Eureka ! I've delved into my mind and found the one and only salient thought I need and I proceed with amazing alacrity, now I've remembered my destination...Burger King !
Burger King, not a very romantic setting for our tryst, but I really don't care now, I'm too close to my goal and it's far too late to back out now, isn't it, dear readers?
I just know he'll be there, waiting for me. I've felt his presence grow stronger as I've drawn closer to him. From the moment I stepped out of the car I felt him. Kindred spirits willing each other closer, closer... Wanting and needing each other and now those wants and needs are going to be met. In a glorious meeting of minds and bodies. Twelve whole, long days together. I can wait no longer ! Not a moment longer can I wait to set eyes upon you, my darling.
I turn the last corner and there you are. I allow my eyes to travel the length of your lean powerful, frame. Taking in every juicy morsel of the feast that is you.
Unaware of me, as yet, you sit perusing a newspaper, sipping coffee and not looking a bit perturbed, either. Surely you can't be feeling the same turmoil; the uncertainty; the nervousness. Then again lover, to all outward appearances, I look just as calm and composed. Perhaps a little more flushed, the rosy bloom of love lightening my cheeks; sparking a lustful twinkle in my eye.
You, my lover, are a sight for sore eyes, if ever there was one. You become aware of my gaze and you look up, our eyes lock and I feel I'm drowning in the depths of your tender gaze. You stand and come toward me.....Oh, but you look so fine, baby, so damn fine. I could just eat you all up and if I get my way, I will too..lick and suck and kiss and bite and just eat you all the way up. The way you're looking at me I don't think you're going to object darling, are you?
My heartrate soars as you close the distance between us . You move with the stealthy grace of one of the big cats. You're on the prowl now, lover and I'm your willing prey. My mouth becomes parched and I lick my lips nervously ,trying to conjure up some semblence of normality, some tiny scrap of ordinariness, from this most extraordinary situation. Extraordinary, the way our feelings have grown, in such a short time..just a few months of chatting has produced this delicious feeling. I'm not certain what it is yet, but it sure feels like love to me,baby, how about you?
You're within an arm's length of me before you speak. Your voice raising all the tiny hairs, all over my body, making my nipples stand to attention, filling me with desire.
It was just a simple greeting 'Hello, my lover'. So weighted with your desire, those words were. They spoke volumes...

And then you touched me...

Luv n stuff,


LevinOuijaFores 50M
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12/19/2005 1:02 pm

I could almost hear that heart pounding, and can't wait to find out how this journey continues...

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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12/20/2005 12:58 am

T..Hello darlin...are your thighs singing yet then?
I'm going to write some more later, S, if my earache abates a little. I haven't had an earache for years and I'm telling you now, lover...whoever doles them out knows where they can shove them
I hope the next installment pleases you too....

Luv n stuff, Susie....

laugher1967 49M
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12/20/2005 3:59 am

the anticipation of what comes next is almost unbearable. susie you're hurting me lovely........roll on episode 2

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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12/20/2005 8:18 am poor 'Laughter'..I'm already formulating a great meeting of minds for day 2 lover,keep watching my blog, baby. I'm glad you enjoyed it, darlin.Thank you for your kind remarks. Happy Christmas to you and yours.....

Luv n stuff,

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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12/21/2005 7:10 am

Fire...Well now you
Luv n stuff, Happy Holidays....Susie..

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