TOO BAD JOHNNY, Chapter 3, More Office Work  

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12/6/2005 3:02 am

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TOO BAD JOHNNY, Chapter 3, More Office Work

Morning my lovely man,
I'm just flossing my teeth in your bathroom..there.. that's better. Who told you that you could leave your office, eh ? Just go back,sit down and make yourself..comfortable. Ok babe? I'm standing behind you , as you sit at your desk. I know it's hard for you to relax. when you see me in this outfit. Remember's the one you bought me from Amsterdam. Black rubber, mini skirted,three piece.You know..the one with a bolero jacket,so sweet that little bolero is. It's needed to cover the rubber peep-hole bra beneath..mmm..who's a diirrrttty boy could have bought me that cute Summer frock. What did you buy me instead..this. Well I've got news for you did good..yet again.
Now.......back to the present darling. I have your naked back to me and I'm massaging your broad shoulders. Oooo babe,'re soooo tense my lover. I know it's difficult with my exposed nipples tracing a line right across your beautiful back..mmmmm..It's difficult for your Susie too babe. I'm so ready for you can't begin to imagine,sugar. Let me just come and sit on your lap..just for a moment, while everyone is out and it's quiet. You could hear a pin drop,couldn't you lover ?..mmmm..You're so strong and manly,you know. I swing my leg over your lap and sit astride you..mmmmm..I can feel how getting a glimpse of my stocking tops has made you need me even more, my darling. You tenderly cup my breasts in your hands and fondle them. I lean forward to kiss you and as your lips meet mine I'm transported to Heaven..aahhh..Letting out a very big sigh darling, I've been waiting for this feeling all morning, since you left me behind, in fact. How could you baby, how could you leave me like that..wanting you so? I had to think on my feet and follow you to work and seduce you.mmmm..Working as well isn't it ? This seduction leaves you wanting, needing more of me, doesn't it ? ''That's just how I want you to be ..missing me as I miss you..always'' I whisper softly in your ear. Now I'm nibbling your ear my lover. Sucking and nibbling you, running my hands all over your lush bod..mmm..getting high on your masculine pheromones..oh my, you smell good !!! My nipples are standing proud, so in need of your mouth darling. Suck them and see. What did I tell two ripe cherries, just ripe for the plucking, my love..mmmm..taste, baby. Such sweet love we're making, every part of each of us yearns to be with every part of the other. This feeling is inconquerable, this delicious, glorious feeling !!! Do you feel it lover? ''I'm going to pleasure you beneath your desk now sweets..don't moan too loud when you ''come'' my lover or you'll alert the natives.'' I whisper into your ear as I slide my lush curves beneath your desk.
I need another paragraph for this part my loverman. This is where it gets serious !!! I can not wait to get at you now. Trying my best to keep my composure but it's very difficult when I'm in such close proximity to your throbbing manhood ..Baby, I'm gonna make you flood my mouth now . I have 'Rover' in my hand now babe and real fine he feels to your Susie. Why 'Rover', I hear you ask. Simple darling..he's always chasing Susie pussy. You like the thought of that, don't you, baby? you..You bad,bad,bad boy, you.. My hot breath feels good on our Rover, don't you think ? Wait a more calling him Rover all the time now. We've established his name and why it is so, therefore, no more Rovers..just 'him' from now on. It's an appropriate name, but it's making me laugh so much I'll never get finished.
I'm taking him in hand now babe..sliding him deep, deep into my hot, wet, willing mouth now hun. OMG..I could just eat you right up.darling..I won't though, 'cus I'll need him again, shortly. I'm not that silly,you know.
In and out he goes babe..rhythmically, fluidly..glad to be in his second home he is babe. Sucking and sucking you in.. so deep sugar. That's it my darling, slide him soooooo deep, feel my mouth, my lips wrapped around him. Fill my mouth with your hot, creamy, yummy, tasty jism, my lover. Show me me how much you love me. In and out he slides, my darling..slip sliding away and out; with no remorse..wanting and needing you to fill my mouth with your seed.. So thirsty..I'm so thirsty for you my loverman. I can't tell you how much I lust after you. I want you in every way possible..until the end of time. Sucking and sucking and sucking you into me ,my sweet our love making is very sweet.

I have to go now my lover. I have to go to the shops, sorry for letting such a mundane activity interrupt these oh so lovely proceedings baby but 'needs must', I'm afraid. If it were up to me darling,I'd stay right here and hold you for all eternity..Oh yes I would, my very own loverman..but I can't. Such is life, my darling. I'll meet you at the doorstep, when you get in from work. I'll be wearing your favourite undies too..mmm.

Luv n stuff,

Skipppern 57M
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12/6/2005 3:36 am

Mmmmmm.....SusieQ.... This is the start of something good, I just know it! Kisses!

AAntonino 60M  
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12/6/2005 4:13 am

Bow wow WOW... my sweet...yes this "puppy" will chase your pussy over hill and dale, in and out of all the shops. Ohh yes and LUST... like a burning ache in the pit of my stomach. Everywhere I go with me... my little private dancer.

In the tubes riding home I imagine you walk in late at night and become my private "pole dancer" right there in front of me. In a taxi I imagine it stops to pick up a buxom beauty and I find myself sharing a ride with a most luscious woman who appears to be wearing nothing but seven veils. She gets out at the next stop and all that remains is that scent...Ahhh yesss the scent of her sweet nectar.

I'm home now and I am looking at the dull screen on my computer. Looking at your name in my list that indicates you are sleeping. I sit back and let HIM out of his cage and hold him, closing my eyes, transporting me to your bedroom where you are sleeping. I tip toe to the side of your bed and kneel as if praying... gazing at your beautiful face - eyes closed, whispy hair strewn all about... so peaceful, so serene, so sexy.

I lift up the covers and my eyes wander down your body absorbing, feasting on every curve... MMmmmmm Ohhh know how I get when I am not with you... and "Him" misses you so...

I lift the covers and slide in bed so quietly... you turn on your otherside - perfect. I scoot closer, closer so my chest is right up against your back. Ahhhh nothing like spooning. I scoot up against the rest of you... my arm goes over your waist and under your night shirt. Moving up and cupping one magnificent tit in my hand. You stir and move your hand over mine squeezing as I squeeze sleepily but not not waking.

I scoot my groin over to your curvaceous, slightly plump, nicely rounded ass. tucking my kneese into your bent knees, and scooting him right against the crack in that luscious ass of yours... I pull you close... so close we melt together... and we sleep the sleep of lovers....MMMmmmmmm see you when you awaken my sweet sweet SusieQ.

redmustang91 57M  
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12/6/2005 4:24 am

Hot stuff! Susie, rover wants to play again!

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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12/6/2005 4:35 am

S..I agree n stuff,

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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12/6/2005 4:37 am

S..I agree n stuff, back at ya, with those hot kisses , baby...muah.

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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12/6/2005 1:08 pm

Aantonino, Have you bugged my bedroom, by any chance? How, for instance, did you actually know I was in bed? Did you see me slumbering peacefully, lost in the afterglow of loving? Sated and satisfied beyond words..mmm..such delicious dreams, I had, lover.

Luv n stuff,....Susie.....x

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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12/6/2005 1:20 pm

Firehot, thank you,dear. You've forgiven me for my faux pas on your blog then have you ,baby?
Thank goodness for that. I'm hiding in here, you know, all red in the face and
I'm not a bit like my brazen-faced avatar, you know? Being a succubus I have to give her free reign , in the evenings, though, or I'd never get a minute's
Thank you for your kind remarks on my blog. I'm all pink with the pleasure of the 'pen'..mmm

Luv n

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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12/6/2005 1:30 pm

Hello Redmustang....Refresh my memory, baby...when exactly have we played with Rover together? Details ,'m sure I'd remember a handle like Redmustang.
Are you incognito? By any chance, is your handle really, 'Headmustbang''re really a heavy metal rocker, in disguise,aren't you, baby?
Let me know the
Luv n stuff, Susie.....x

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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12/8/2005 9:05 am

Firehot, darlin, it's not me who's bold,'s my avatar,she's my alter ego..the brazen hussy ! Look at her now, legs akimbo, showing everything she has to the almost. You'll be pleased to know I'm not a bit like her. Shy and retiring, that's me, hun. 'Believe me or believe me not', says she with her fingers crossed behind her back..all of

Luv n stuff,

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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12/8/2005 9:11 am

Mac, I agree with you, darlin..We've had lots of fun, these past months.A 'bird' though,lover? I sincerely hope you're not likening me to a turkey, or I'm in trouble come Christmas Day ! Just imagine how many people are going to be eating me? there's a thought. Life perhaps isn't so tough on the poor turkey,afterall. What a way to go..eaten ALL
Luv n stuff,

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