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12/10/2005 4:55 pm

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Christmas Day

Hello there,
AH SO..(didn't know I could speak Japanese, did you, hun)'d rather be off with the lads talking cars and comps then be in Yahoo, whispering sweet nothings in my ear, would you, darlin ?
I'm so disappointed....

The little vid is utterly delightful. I've made use of it again since. Goodness me, I'm becoming as brazen as my avatar now. Have you seen that hussy, stooping down, legs akimbo, all her womanly wares, on display; well
How do you make those little vids, baby? Tell me and I'll pass it on to a select few....Just think what a lovely Chrimbo pressie for Susie...a slide show of her favourite men, all on little, discrete vids. ..mmm....picture this,baby......

Chrimbo Day , at Susie's Place.

The dinner is finished. Oh my, why do we try to eat twenty different kinds of veg at Chrimtmas time !! You may think that's difficult but just try to cook them, wanting everything to turn out perfectly. There's not a 'cat in Hell's chance' though, unless one happens to be a Cordon Bleu chef, with a kitchen full of skivvies beneath them. I'm not and I don't have, more's the pity, so I just stumble merrily along , stirring here, seasoning there, warbling along to the carols, on the radio. Getting drunker and drunker, swigging Champagne as if it were going out of fashion : well it is My thoughts start to stray to. my secret little presents, from my blog site friends...aahhh-mmm is all I can say...fade out...
A few hectic hours later and the guests have all gone home. Those who live any distance away, ferried home by the boyfriend. Ah ha, that's got rid of all of them,for at least an hour. Now then....down to to get logging and
Never away from my laptop for long, I feel withdrawal symptoms creeping up on me. Now for my special Christmas slide show. Oh, my friends have been so generous with all there little vids for me...mmm...another Champagne is in order , I think. The scent of perfumed candles fills the air, the sound of Bing warbling ' White Christmas', on the srereo , fills my ears..The firelight flickers, champagne bubbles burst in my mouth and tickle my nose and the spectacular slide show my friends are performing fills my head and heart..mmm...You lovely boys, what would we girlies do withoout you...mmm...
Merry Christmas, one and all,
love from

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12/11/2005 3:49 pm

Firehot...I can't type a long and convoluted response, darlin. Too bust imagining your 'Flash Dance'...mmm..Luv n stuff, Susie....x

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12/13/2005 9:32 am

Mac..did I hear you right? Did you say, if you had more time? Excuse me, how much time do you need?'re acting like a proper little Quentin Tarrentino, aint cha?
Take your time darlin.I know how busy you are. I know what you're trying to do, you know, spin it out til Chrimbo then you won't need to tske me to Antwerp, you can just give me the vid. Which I'm sure will be fab, to match the voice mail you sent to me. Shame I can't run both at the same anyway Mac I'll be quite satisfied with the vid, thank you.
I'm getting fed up with polishing this piece of coal you gave me, when i asked for a big wop-off diamond. How many months have I been rubbing it now ? It still bears no resemblance to a diamond, you know.I don't think it ever will, either. Never mind, it's amassed a certain sentimental worth over these past months and I'll probably use it to go first-footingwith. You know, at the stroke of midnaight, on New Year's Eve...

Luv n stuff,

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