My Twelve Day Saga.....mmm  

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My Twelve Day Saga.....mmm

Day Six,


Well here we are ,darling, stepping out onto foreign soil. The perfect destination for a romantic tryst, my lover, my loverman. I know, I sound like a record, with the needle stuck, but I can't help it, I just love the sound. Whispering it too you, baby...'My darling, loverman'. Oh, I'm getting so soppy. Getting sillier as I get older, instead of the other way much am I enjoying myself though, baby? I reckon it's worth getting a bit silly over: this feeling that swamps me, whenever you're near. Making my heart beat faster, raising my pulse rate, belabouring my breathing, tingeing my cheeks with blush and my eyes with sparkle..mmm. You are making me feel so wonderful, with your loving ways, you know, baby. Oh gawd....I'm making myself feel sick
Back to foreign soil. The smell of this magical country, all hot and spicy, assails out senses, as we alight the plane. The sun beating a scorching tatoo in the sky, it's rays bouncing off the tarmac. Right, sunglasses at the ready and we're off across the tarmac,to the concourse.
Glad I am that I wore this short summer dress now, as we near the baggage carousel I feel you goose me. How much did I enjoy it too. It can't be legal. Nothing that feels this good is legal, baby! You really don't give a toss about the people milling about the concourse, do you,darling? I turn and slap your hand playfully away from my tush. There are enough achy parts on my body now, after three, virtually non-stop, days of your loving, baby. I don't think I can place a finger where there isn't an ache. We retrieve our cases and head out for our rental car, a limo, no less. You need to stretch your long legs out. I'll drive shall I, baby? You need a little R & R, after your exhausting flight Let's hope the air conditining is working, lover. I think I'm going to melt in this heat.
Oh, by the way, I hope you noticed no red or green channels, baby. There are no restrictions on anything here. You may do as you please, therefore, there's no need for customs, is there?
Oh this heat ! It's the sort of heat where you just want to throw off all your clothes and loungue about. It's much too hot for anything else, really, darling.
We reach the hotel...more like posh mud huts on the beach really..very ethnic..but with full mod. cons., of course, baby. You will experience things on this beautiful, tropical island which you will never feel anywhere else in the world, darling. For one thing, this is a magical place..but the magic only works for two people newly in love, you see. So wrapped up in each other that really, nothing else seems to be of the slightest importance. Unless it impinges onto their totally hedonistic lifestyle, it doen't even appear on their I think I'll call our Island you like that, sugar? I think it's highly appropriate. For I plan to pursue you and then sensually indulge myself of you, baby. It sure sounds good to me, baby.
All the unpacking is done and we decide to shower together, since we're quite hot and sticky now. We have some mood music on the stereo and are dancing about the room. Embracing each other, you pull me as close as possible, without entering me. How I want you to though, as you twirl me around and pick me up and kiss me..I so want you to penetrate me..slowly, passionately, lovingly..slide into me , baby..right upto the hilt, my loverman..mmm.
My arms are around your neck as you carry me to the bath. We're having a bath now because I have a surprise for you, darling. I'll tell you later about my surprise..ok?
We're in the bathroom now, you kick the door shut and set me down.'re so romantic. You've had the bathroom set up with scented candles and roses, rose petals strewn onto the bath water. It's an outsize bath darling...more like something from the Roman Minerva bathhouse at Bath. There are steps down to the deepest end, where the water is chest- high, plenty deep enough and wide enough to swim across. We disrobe as we walk down the steps, We're totally naked when we reach the water and slip under it's cool, that feels so good..mmm.
It feels even lovlier as you pull me toward you, hold me tight and kiss me long. You can feel the animal lust between us, Not yet sated after so many days on board the plane. We are limpetted together..even when apart we'll still be together, baby, if not bodily then in spirit, until we meet again.
'Step over to the side, my love.'you whisper in my ear.'Why Johnny, what do you want me over there for , lover?' I ask you.
You make a grab for me , but I evade your clutches and make my way to the side..laughing all the time, for we both know, I'm going to let you catch me and then.....
And then are enterinng me..the deliciously familiar feeling of tender penetration.That first, tentative, exploring thrust that finds me wet and vunerable; seeming to feed on my growing desires.
The movements get harder,gaining in conviction--your hand snakes around to cup a heaving breast, caressing her gently, kissing my neck.'re so good. Frantically fucking each other now baby, I'm pushing my pussy at you on your upstroke and it's feeling fine, baby. We're travelling full-pelt towards an incredible shared orgasm, my lover. It grows and grows, this feeling..this wonderful, heady, overpowering feeling, lover. We reach the precipice at the same time and go thundering down into the orgasmic heaven that is our love.The feeling of love flows from us and over us and around us, baby. We're so in love: it hurts. We climb out and collapse in the beach bed..and rest now..for we have more loving to do, not so very far in the future, my own loverman,when we explore the island.
We have a double beach bed, of course, I don't intend to be away from you, darling, even as we sleep. I want to be as close to you as possible, baby. We lie and spoon together, all safe and warm in each other's arms, baby. It feels so good...and when we wake, we'll eat and I'll take you exploring with me, baby. See what we can find..mmm..Later my T.B.J...Kissing you in your sleep, lover, making sweet love to you...only you..

Luv n stuff, Susie.....

aussieboy91 52M  
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1/4/2006 10:02 pm

Susie your getting so good at this lovely tender erotic writing luv it hun


rm_SusieQ27 46F
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1/5/2006 10:53 am

Aussie baby, You don't like my first blog then...'My Lost Summer'? Mmm....methinks,you haven't read it, have you?.lol..Thank you for the compliment though, lover

Luv n stuff, Susie.........

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