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A Re-


Chapter One..Us.

How do I know you'll read this ?
The truthful answer is, I will never know, unless you contact me because of it. My garden has suffered, this Summer. I've neglected her, you see. My garden has a feminine personality, that's why I call her 'she'. She has a lot of fruiting plants, mostly all are sleeping, for the winter now. She's sulking slightly though, wallowing in her exclusion from my attentions. Feeling very sorry for herself, indeed.
I've been devoting my attentions to you , you see, my loverman. Loving every second of it too. I will never consider it a waste of my time, to spend time with you. I feel we'll always love each other now. On some level, we will, I'm sure. I think of you often,darling. Think of meeting you, holding out my hand to you. Our first touch...tender and inquisitive. Wanting more, needing more. We'll perhaps go to a coffee house and sup together. Our eyes meeting, over our cappuccinos,lost in each other's gaze.Wanting to be alone together, but still apprehensive.
We venture outside and walk to our hotel; it isn't far and you offer to carry my bag, since you have already checked in and unpacked yourself.
It's quite cold, so we hurry and you take my hand in yours. Your touch burning into my skin.
Aware of every inch of you, now.
Your look, your walk, your touch. As I chance a sideways glance at you, I realise I do love you. Will always love you, darling, on some strange, sensual, ethereal level.
Your fingertip starts to massage the palm of my hand.I'm aware this is a sign that you want to make sweet love to me and I'm anticipating being alone with you, getting to know you. Every inch of you,from top to bottom, baby.Our hotel looms into vew, a plush, victorian-styled building. Like stepping back in time almost two hundred years as we enter it's portals. You tell me you've already booked us in, as a couple..Mr and Mrs Live-a-Little-Love a-Lot. I think it has a certain ring to it, don't you, darling? We enter the elevator, our hearts beating faster, as we approach our goal. We step inside and you drop my bag. Stepping closer, you take me in your arms and kiss me tenderly, lovingly, longingly. My heart is thudding , my darling. So loud, I'm convinced you must be able to hear it. I'm wondering if you're feeling the same , as we step out onto our floor. The twenty fifth, so that we can saunter onto the balcony and enjoy the view. We were meant to go sightseeing, but I've a feeling we're only going to be seeing a certain four walls, don't you agree?
We approach our door and you put the key in the lock. You swing the door wide and I see the rose petals you've strewn around ,see the Champagne you have on ice. It looks and smells lovely ,as we enter. We close the door and our adventure begins...............Oh, how I love you, my very own loverman.

To be continued...

Chapter Two..Coming closer..mmm.

You close the door and I go to the bathroom, to freshen up. You tell me you'll busy yourself, pouring a drink for us, while you wait. ''Take it out onto the balcony ,please,'' I ask you.' 'It's such a balmy night, it'll be lovely to watch the lights of the city twinkling below us..so pretty and Christmassy.''
Now I emerge from the bathroom..wearing the obligatory negligee. It is so gorgeous though, baby. All heavy silk, flowing and undulating ,as I walk to you. My kitten heels clip clopping on the parquet flooring. My perfume wafts ahead of me and you turn to see me cover the remaining distance between us. I notice the lustful look in your eyes and I revel in it. You hand me my drink and I lean in to accept your fleeting kiss..You taste like the Summer sun, lover. Just as I knew you would..all warm and welcoming. We stand looking down on the bustling city..drawing closer,closer..we're touching now,baby. Our drinks are abandoned as we come together. Our lips meeting our bodies touching. Wanting you, baby. Wanting you,right now. We walk into our room, holding hands..our flesh tingling where our skin comes together. Baby...this is going to be so good. I've looked forward to this moment for so long, now. Just we two, alone together, doing all the things and more, two consenting adults can do. We walk to the bed. I sit down and you stand over me, you bend for another kiss and my hands snake over your firm butt, slowly travelling to the front...unzipping you now, loverman..mmm. Kissing you...loving you...
Fade out, to romantic music playing in the background........
Hours and hours and hours later..sorry folks that last bit was much too private to recount on these pages.
We're drifting into the arms of Morpheus now, lover. Basking in the wonderfully comforting afterglow of our love. Totally sated and spent. A sheen of sweat coating our satisfied bodies. Loving touches and caresses, satisfying our desires. Sleep well, my darling and we'll make sweet love again, as soon as we wake.
My own loverman, you know who you are and..
I just love you.

To be continued..

Chapter Three, The Finale..

The Morning After....

I'm roused by a knock at the door.It takes a few seconds to register where I am and more importantly, who I'm with. My eyes travel the length of your body as you lie, slumbering, next to me. Man.. but you're so fine, baby. It's no wonder you don't wake at the insistent knocking, at the door.Afterall, you excelled yourself last night, didn't you,lover? I giggle to myself, as I get out of bed and slip into my negligee, once more. I see you've left your loving mark on my breasts, one for each of them ; lower, too, if I'm not mistaken. The very memory of how they got there makes my tremble with delight. I tear my gaze from you and answer the door. The maid enters, pushing the breakfast trolley, loaded with full English. I have a feeling we're going to need it, baby. We must have burned many, many calories off last night. It was the very best exercise too, one I highly recommend.
Exit the maid
We're alone once more. I'm being mother and pouring the tea..mmm..a lovely cuppa and you, what more could a girl ask? I must be in Heaven.
I carry my tea over to the bed, sipping as I go, along with a piece of toast. I wave the hot, buttered toast under your nose and you wake,a big smile on your face. 'Good morning,darling', you whisper, in my ear. Oooo..just look at that..I don't know which stood up fastest or furthest..every tiny hair, all over my body..or my nipples. How you make me feel can't be condensed into mere words, my lover. You make me feel delicious, delightful and delovely, to borrow the words of the song. Still doesn't come close though, so I'll give up trying to describe the utterly delicious feelings which swamp me,at the very thought of you.
You open your mouth to say more and I quickly fill it with the toast. 'Come out of that bed now and eat',I tell you. 'We have things to do, remember'. I stand, rooted to the spot, as you slide your legs to the floor and stand before me. I think I'm going to swoon, like ladies of old..lol.. then again, baby, I'd miss the sight before me, if I did. There's not a chance of that. My hungry gaze travels the length of your tall, dark , handsome body; such a cilque but 'tis true, nevertheless ! You are a beautiful man, lover and you're all mine too..mmm..I manage to croak out one word..'eat'. So we do, and we drink and we're merry too. Another clique, but such fun.
Breakfast being over for an hour and the papers read from cover to cover we come together in our bed again. As close as two people can get. Becoming one, on several occasions, for a few magical moments. The months we've spent chatting to each other condensing into these so few precious moments. Totally wrapped up in one another. Sharing the glorious feeling of really getting to know each other. Asking intimate questions and sharing secrets, wanting and needing each other. Enjoying the pleasures of the flesh, teasing, tantilising and satisfying each others needs and desires. Exporing each other thoroughly and when we've reached Heaven then we go on and experience Nirvana. A pure, unsullied love. 'Our love'. My love, my lover, my loverman, my own loverman. I do like saying that, you'll notice.
You pull me from the bed and we ready ourselves for our trip to the countryside. You choose my underwear for me. I do like the thought that you know what I'm wearing next to my skin; can imagine me naked; are my own loverman..mmm..
Your hands cup my breasts, before they are lost to you beneath the fine silk and lace of my bra. Kissing them tenderly where you left your mark the night before. It gives me such a lovely feeling, deep inside, baby. I love the feeling as your lips close over my nipples and you gently suck them to an even more aroused state. They are going to make their presence felt, for sure ,through the soft fabric of my dress. Oh.. but I don't want you to stop and I pull you to me..again we fall onto the bed and come together. Skin to skin, lips to lips, gaze to gaze, we smother each other with tender kisses and caresses. The momentum of our love making building and building until we reach that glorious plateau where our bodies become one and we're transcended to a higher plain.
We're lost in the afterglow now, sated and satisfied and in love. Feeling drowsy and totally loved-up.
Our weekend over, (I hate this part), we part and I feel I'm leaving a part of me behind. I cling to you as long as possible, feeling very tearful, but holding back my tears because I don't want your last sight of me to be one of tears streaming down my face. They will fall later, when I'm alone.In torrents, soaking my dress....heartbroken.

Several months later.

The finale comes eight months later, when we meet again. It's high summer and we are staying in a country hotel, a private house, once owned by the gentry. Very olde worldy.
As I step from the taxi, outside the hotel, you're there to greet me. You take me in your arms and snuggle me close. I nuzzle your neck and
try to absorb the very essence of you. 'Darling,I love you so and I can never get enough of you, my gorgeous loverman', I whisper to you, as nibble on your earlobe. You laugh and swing me round, giving the taxi driver a clear view of my stockings and the flesh above them. I squeal and you set me down. I'm dizzy now, and not just from the spinning you gsve me. I'm dizzy with love for you, baby. We pay the taxi and go to our room, where we rekindle the flame of love that has flickered gently for so many months. The flames of our passion are fanned to white hot by our ardent desire for each other. We are lost in each other and it feels divine, loverman. Just divine, it feels. We make love for hours, kissing and caressing, falling into each other, sating our lustful desires. We lie together and sleep a while ,dreaming the dreams of lovers, until we stir and it's time for lunch. I drag myself out of bed and dress for a walk in the unspoiled countryside of our beautiful England. 'Come on lazy bones', I say to you, flicking you with a towel.'I'm going for a walk up the hill, there's a school sportsday on, over there, baby. Come follow me, when you're ready'.
I'm glad to reach the top of the hill. It didn't seem so far away when I started out. At the top of the hill, there's a huge old oak tree offering shade from the summer sunshine. I look towards our distant hotel but there's no sign of you. I sigh..and thinking of you, settle myself, lying full length, my head propped up on one hand, on the soft, springy grass. I look below and the children's sack race is full flow.
The sounds of chidren's laughter getting caught up in the old oak's canopy, like tiny ghostly giggles, to be visited in the depths of Winter , when we need cheering. I lie beneath the tree, my body dappled by the sunlight through the dancing leaves. Lying on my side, my head propped up on one hand, as I watch the events unfold beneath me. My attention drawn by the naive dramatugy of the childrens' games; I fail to hear you approach.
I become aware of a presence behind me- the gooseflesh on my bare arms a tell-tale sign. A hint of breath on my neck, too warm to be the capricious breeze. This I can feel on my legs though, as my dress is slowly drawn up over my knee. A gentle touch on my hair..lips touch the nape of my neck.'Susie..' a whisper that caresses me like gossamer.
Fingertips brush the skin of my thigh,trailing deliciously upwards. Still I do not turn, in case the spell being woken becomes unravelled. A hand slides between my legs, cool against the moist warmth of my skin. My leg is raised; fingers caress my skin, hooking inside the crotch of my panties- then pulling them gently aside.
Then I am entered:
the deliciously familiar feeling of tender penetration. That first, tentative, exploring thrust that finds me wet and vunerable; seeming to feast on my growing desire.
Your movements get harder, gaining in conviction..your hand snakes around me to cup my breast, liberating it from my Summer dress.My neck is damp from your warm, wet kisses
Below, the three-legged race has found a victor: meanwhile,in the shade of the old oak tree, Susie has found her man...
....I can tell from the kiss on the small of my back..the hands caressing my skin..the initial surprise,giving way to desire
....We whisper to each other, as we lie sated....
....''I will always love you, darling''....


I have reposted this lovely tale, 'cus that's what it is and I like it.
I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it, lovers. Bye for now. Back soon with some more new stuff.

Luv n stuff, honies, {=} Susie {=}

LevinOuijaFores 50M
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5/17/2006 1:42 am

I really enjoyed reading this Susie, and for a moment it felt like I was actually there with you.

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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5/17/2006 4:38 pm

T...mmm...now, wouldn't that be loverly-ish, lover? Just me and you, all alone together?

Luv n stuff {=} Susie {=}

ilsgicemru 72M
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5/21/2006 7:43 am

..................... My Susie Q

You are quit the writer ... I am cum . I mean . coming back to read this again . slowly !!

..................... ils

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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5/21/2006 11:55 am

Thank you G..I appreciate that.

Luv n stuff {=} Susie {=}

ilsgicemru 72M
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5/23/2006 8:09 pm

....................... Susie Q

I'm back . and I have read it slowly ... I would have read it last night except for a charming and sexy lady . IM ing me . and us enjoying each others company . until late !! .. Very . very . nice tale ... You are a great writer . Susie !!

....................... ils

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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5/23/2006 8:56 pm

"Thank you so much, G," says Susie, with a deep curtsy and a kiss or two. or three.

Luv n stuff {=} Susie {=}

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