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5/4/2006 1:54 am

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5/6/2006 1:47 pm

A Lady's...


Lady, lady never start,
Conversation towards your heart;
Keep your pretty words serene;
Never murmur what you mean.
Show yourself, by word and look,
Swift and shallow as a brook.
Be as cool and quick to go
As a drop of April snow;
Be as delicate and gay,
As a cherry flower in May.
Lady,lady, never speak
Of the tears that burn your cheek-
She will never win him,whose
Words had shown she feared to lose.
Be you wise and never sad,
You will get your lovely lad.
Never serious be, nor true,
And your wish will come to you-
And if that makes you happy, kid,
You'll be the first it ever did.
by Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker is sooooo funny. I love her writing. One of my favourite authors, she never fails to bring a smile to my lips. Her ditties and poems always have a sting in the tail. Wake you up, they do, after lulling you into a false sense of security.

Luv n stuff {=} Susie {=}

redmustang91 57M  
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5/4/2006 4:54 am

She was often quite wrong too! Saying men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses! Men are such accomodating beasts they will make passes at anyone in a skirt, even some Scottich lads...

Cute suzie q!

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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5/5/2006 6:04 am

Eerrmm...does this mean I can expect 'a pass'?
How clever of you to know it was our Ms Parker, who said that. Not many people know that quote should be atributed to her, dear. \

Luv n stuff, {=} Susie {=}

HBowt2 59F

5/5/2006 11:59 pm

yep...nice way of saying be who you are isn't it?

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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5/6/2006 1:44 pm

HB..hello there, I think it's a way of telling us to~~~"WAKE UP!", dear.

Luv n stuff {=} Susie {=}

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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5/6/2006 1:47 pm

Macker, yes, you must. I guarentee, you're in for a good time then, hun.

uv b stuff {=} Susie {=}LY

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