Driving along in my automobile  

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12/19/2005 4:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Driving along in my automobile

Took my car for a spin round the M25 this weekend to see a friend. Naturally the traffic was horrific but being stuck in jam with other drivers turned into an interesting experience...

I'm sitting there behind the wheel feeling slightly horny and I glance across to the next lane and a gorgeous young woman is sat behind the wheel of her car applying lipstick in her rear-view mirror, oblivious to my watching her.

I was transfixed by the way she gently rolled the lipstick across her puckered lips and back, like a lover's finger tracing the contours of her mouth-

A horn beeps - the van behind telling me traffic has moved on. I glance back at her and she's smiling at me before laughing to herself and driving off.

I put the car into gear and it was only as I pulled away that I realised I had a raging hard-on thrusting against my trousers!

I never realised I could get so turned on by something so innocuous. Voyuerism is something I've always found highly erotic but that's watching others do something more overtly sexual.

But watching someone applying lipstick? It's never happened before when I've watched girlfriends or lovers doing it (Not that it can't be sexy watching a woman apply make-up).

I think in future I'll watch more of those around me in traffic jams - who knows what I'll see next?

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