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5/30/2006 1:04 am

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Redmond Ranch

Several weeks ago my girlfriend and I decided to attend a regular Friday night party at Redmond Ranch. We had heard mixed reviews and wanted to try it for ourselves.

The facilities are okay--not great. The decor and furniture are old but funky and functional. The pool looked decent, although it didn't tempt us in. The dance floor is small but festive. The play rooms are serviceable, although, not overly interesting or creative. While it didn't have the polished look of New Horizons, it did have a homey, cozy quality.

On this particular evening, the party apparently was very well attended and the place was pretty full. There were some attractive people there, including one extremely sexy couple that we enjoyed watching later in a playroom. The average age might have been slightly younger than we generally see.

Unfortunately, the aspect of the evening that stood out most strongly for us was the proprietor's poor behavior. He personally conducted the orientation that is required of all first time attendees. He made a point of explaining that if someone says no, don't pester them or ask again five minutes later. Apparently, though, the rules don't apply to himself.

At one point we joined a large group who were watching the proprietor and his wife along with several other couples playing. He invited my girlfriend to join and she declined very clearly. He immediately asked again. She declined again. He asked again. You get the point.

Later, He seemed to appear wherever we were. He asked my girlfriend if she'd like to play. Then He asked if we'd like to play with him and his wife. Then He said He'd really like to watch us play. We have since spoken to another couple that had a very similar experience, which makes us think this wasn't just a one time aberration. Talk about a hypocritical pest!

If it weren't for the proprietor, we probably would be interested in returning to Redmond Ranch. However, considering our experience and that of some trusted friends, not a chance.

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