What got me here...  

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9/7/2005 4:34 pm

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5/30/2006 11:49 pm

What got me here...

I signed on to this service after I clicked on a ad mail from the host. I rarely do so, but I was bored... so i gave it a try.

Men, I would think, are only interested in sex (hey, I won't lie, if I were to meet anyone from here, that's all i'd be interested, because otherwise I have a happy relationship already), but women are most likely interested in something more.

But I'm so curious. I can't help but hope to see some local hottie, so I check in from time to time and see what there is to see. I've not upgraded membership for some reason... I haven't uploaded a picture because I couldn't handle it if someone recognized me (It's not that I'm ugly, I'm a pretty attractive guy... it's just that I'm married, and I don't want to be caught cheating... even though I haven't done so yet). So I'll never meet anyone from here... but I'll live in my fantasy. Maybe someone will contact me and we'll share a bit of fantasy, but I still doubt it.

Maybe I'll keep posting in this blog, and share some fantasies and sexual amibitions and interests. At the very least it could be a nice outlet for me, and maybe I won't need to branch out If there were such a thing as completely no-strings-attached sex... well, for some reason I have never had that situation come up. Has anyone, really? Let me know if you have. I'm curious how it worked out.

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