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8/6/2005 2:32 pm

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I don't know how it popped into my head, but I was just thinking---why do politics have to screw up all the fun stuff in the world? THey take all the fun out of what you're doing because you have to stop having fun to deal with all the manuevering and back stabbing, instead of enjoying yourself.

But, anyway---its a beautiful day, the sun is out, I think I'll go outside and play with the animals, or maybe go hike some trail I've never been on before. I love to explore, find places I've never been, see things I've never seen, do things I've never done. Ever get lost going somewhere, get all stressed out because you're late, and end up somewhere completely different than where you intended on going? You never really notice how nice the trip there was, nor do you realize the fun you can have where youare. Instead, you're all pissed cause you're late, and now lost, and trying to figure out how to get back. Here's an idea. Go out, try to get lost (this is usually better to do driving, and with a full tank), and just wander around. Look at the trees, at the views, enjoy the company of whomever you're with, or if you're alone on this trip(like I usually am), turn on some great music and just drive. You'll be amazed at the things you've never noticed, that you've never seen. Just remember one thing----remember how you got there, or take a map and check it once in awhile. It's great to get lost, but you do need to get found sooner or later.

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