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11/28/2005 8:26 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Another wonderous day come and gone. I still find it pretty funny how all the father figures in my life have somehow managed to lecture me in the past month or so on the need for a social life. I'd swear its a conspiracy, but most of them have never met each other! They all tell me I work too hard, and I need a break. My dad even told me I need to start dating again, but damn I'm sooooooo tired of all the crazy shit one has to go through for it. I guess thats why I'm here like everyone else, right? Trying to find people worth the effort without having to actually go out hunting the world, bar hopping, all that jazz. The bar scene does get old if you're looking for friends and lovers. Just all the craziness and the silly crap that goes along gets soooooo damn stupid sometimes. You put up this image to find someone, whos p putting up an image as well, you go thru the dating phase and pretty soon the images fall to the wayside, and you have to start all over. I think where my problem lies is that women in general are so used to all that, that when I show up, and I'm just being me, they get all worried that I'm not gonna be who I say I am, and they give up. Problem is, I hate putting on shows for people, so I'm just me, and I think that throws people off. I am the epitomy of the whole what you see is what you get type. Why is that so hard for people to deal with? I'll never understand it. LOL---guess thats why I'm still single, right?

rm_sexynsmart68 46F
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1/8/2007 1:01 am

I think that is great that you don't put on a show. There are others out here who do the same. People always know where they stand with me because I don't candy coat/sugar coat anything. I too am "what u see is what u get". I find that people actually enjoy that quality in others so I would continue to do as you have. You just haven't found the right person yet and I'm sure time will tell.

rm_tsnseattle 34T
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5/27/2007 10:12 pm

welcome to single world... been looking for that person too but tired of all the drama and games

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