I'll see you at 9:00  

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I'll see you at 9:00

I’ll see you at 9:00

As I hung up the phone I thought to myself, “Am I really this desperate”? With a life on the road and an uncontrollable desire for love I answered myself with a “hell ya”.

8:30 came around and I left my hotel room heading for what I expected to be a standup. I entered the bar and found a table situated towards the back, but where I could see the front door. I glanced down at my watch and the time said 8:54. As I took a large drink of my Jack Daniels I noticed the front door open. A long, out stretched leg, strides through the door and I think to myself I hope this is her. A gorgeous woman with a confident walk and a beautiful figure, wearing a tight dress and heels walks through the door. I know this had to be my cyberspace date. As you peered through the room your eyes lock on mine and you continue to the bar. As you walk up to the bar tender and order a drink I make my way over to you. I tell the bartender the drink was on me as I introduced myself as Steve. With a smile on your face you say “nice to meet you, I was hoping you were the one, and thanks for the drink”. We make our way back to the table and sit down. Our conversation begins and not a single moment goes by with an “uncomfortable silence”. Our talk starts out small and progressed to our dreams of life on a beach and fulfilling our life’s passions. As one of my favorite songs comes through the juke box I boldly take your hand and say “let’s dance.” I wrap my arms around you and hold on for dear life we swayed in unison. I can’t help but take in your every feel, your breast pressed tightly to my chest and your arms locked around me, I feel the world fade away. We continued to dance three more songs and sit back at the table. I noticed the clock on the wall had to be lying it was a quarter past 12! As our conversation starts up I feel your foot make it’s way up my leg and your unmistakable smile makes my heart race. We continued talking about life, love and past experiences, all the while your foot is creeping further, and further up my leg. As the bartender yells last call, I think to myself this cannot be the end. I grab our many glasses, as we have put down quiet a few at this point, and returned them to the bar and paid the tab. We make our way out the door with my arm wrapped firmly around you. As we walk toward my truck I say “I don’t want this night to end” and with a positive response I hear “I know the feeling”. We stand at my truck peering into each other’s eyes and with my heart racing I wrap my hands around your gorgeous face and go in for a kiss. As your soft lips meet mine I am pleasantly surprised at how soft a plush your lips feel on mine. As my tongue enters, I recieve soft greeting from yours and the passion begins to flow. My hands explored your back and across your tight ass. I feel my loins, now heated, beginning to grow. As I pause from your lips for a second I make my way down your neck and I hear a soft sigh. As you glared into my eyes I ask if you want to return to my hotel for a dip in the Jacuzzi. You say without hesitation “Absolutely”.
I made my way other side of the truck and open the door for you as you climb inside. I get in the truck and could not resist another passionate kiss. My hands now exploring more of your body making my way to your breasts and caressing your thigh. I run my hand to the top of your thighs and hear a pleasant yet subtle moan. I pull away and tell you we should wait until we are in a more appropriate place. As I fire up the truck you lay your head upon my shoulder and placed your hand on my thigh and begin to do what I had done to you earlier. As you reach my now bursting bulge, you undo my belt and unbuttoned my pants and slid your hand down grabbing a hold of my now throbbing cock. You say “I don’t want to wait”. My concentration on driving is now lost and it is all I can do to keep the truck on the road. As I lift my ass you slide my pants down and began to lick the head of my cock. One hand firmly stroking the base and your mouth now fully wrapped around the head of my unit. Your sweet lips stroke up and down as I pulled into the hotel parking lot. I sit in the seat for a moment thoroughly enjoying the best blow job I had ever had. As I think to myself I better stop her before I fill her mouth with my load, I pull back on your shoulders, but you continue to enjoy my hard cock in your mouth. I tell you “stop I want to save it for your pussy”. As you sit up straight and opened the door, you glance at me as I pull up my pants and say “are you coming?” With a smart ass smile I say “hopefully shortly”.
We make our way past the front desk and I slide my key card through the reader. Before the door can close our lips are again locked in passion. My hands exploring every inch of your body, and yours concentrating on my pants once again. As I bend down to lift your dress off, you raise your hands toward the roof and I gazed at the women that stands before me. Our lips lock again as passion rolls through our motions. I undo your bra and make my way down your neck, my lips never leaving your body. As I kiss your breasts and caress them with my hands, I back you up to the bed and lay you down. I make my way down your stomach and my hands caress your thigh, I can feel your drenched panties on my hand. As I glared up at you, your eyes closed and a firm smile upon your face. I slide your soaked panties off and make my way towards your glistening shaved pussy kissing your thighs every inch of the way. As I kiss your pussy the sweet taste of you fills my mouth. I began to tease your clit and lick your sweet juices as I feel your thighs begin to quiver. My tongue enters into your pussy and I hear a passionate moan form you. As I began to concentrate on your clit lapping at it with a firm tongue I inserted a finger into your pussy and began to stroke your g-spot. Your whole body began to quiver and shake, as I am sure you have not been this hot in a long time. Your hands began to run through my hair as your nails began to drag firmly across my head. You press my head down into your pussy as I am sure you fully enjoying the oral pleasures I am giving you. You slide your hands to the base of my neck and try to pull me up, but the taste of your sweet pussy, I do not want to leave my mouth. You pull a little harder and say “come here”. So I lift my wet face from your pussy, and I ask “what do you want”? “You inside of me, deep inside of me” you moan with great pleasure. With your legs still dangling over the edge of the bed, I stand up and spread your legs, as I pull you closer to the edge our eyes meet as I smile and say “not just yet”. As I stradle your body I lean over and lock our passionate lips together, I pull my cock up your stomach and squeezed your breasts together as I stroke my cock between your breasts. As I made my way towards you, you open your mouth and take my cock in one more time. I cannot bear it any more. I have to be inside of you. I stand back on the floor and spread your legs once again and slide my cock up your clit as to tease you one last time. I slide the head of my cock in a little bit and pull it back out, not spread you too quickly. Your pussy now flowing as I dive in a little deeper, then a little deeper, until I am fully inserted into your hot pussy. I trust back and forth all the while caressing your breasts. I hold my finger to your mouth as you began to suck on it as you had done to my cock that is now deep inside of you. As I pull my now dripping cock from your pussy, I move you up onto the bed and lock my lips with yours again. You grad my wet cock and slide it back into you as your hips now began to thrust wildly. Our body’s in perfect motion as our tongues tangle with each other. I feel your thighs begin to quiver as I thrust my cock deep inside. My balls slapping your ass, as we are passionately out of control. “Don’t stop I going to cum, Don’t stop I’m going to cum” filled the room as I am now thrusting rapidly into your wet pussy. The quivers move throughout your body as you are almost possessed by my throbbing cock deep inside of you. Your pussy now quivering out of control gripping my cock like your hand had done earlier, I can fell you Cuming on my cock as I continue to thrust inside you. As I slow my actions, your body is shaking out of control and I asked if you alright. “Yes” you responded, “no one has ever been in touch with my body like that before”. With your quivers slowing I kiss your breasts and make my way back to taste your sweet pussy. My tongue licking your clit in stride with your shakes, you begin to cum as intense as you were moments before. You can’t stop the passion I lay upon you nor do you want to. My hand caressing your breasts I slow to a stop, our lips locked in passion once more and laid my now drenched body next to yours.
“You are amazing!” I tell you as you catch your breath.
“Know one has ever fucked me like that before” you say while still breathing hard.
“You never finished, I can take more if you can give more”.

I knew all night long all I could think about was filling her pussy with my cum. I have to finish and finish inside her.
“I have plenty more to give” as I sit up.
I rolled you onto your stomach and pull your hips towards me. You know I want to fuck you from behind. Your head lying on the pillow with your ass high, I grab a hold of your hips and slide my still throbbing cock across you soaked pussy. Moving across several times I slowly inserted my cock into your pussy. Pushing you forward I began to thrust in and out all the while keeping a tight grip on her hips. As I ram you in and out I hear you moan and begin to feel your pussy tighten on my cock. I can’t believe you are going to cum again which really gets me excited. Your pussy now clinching down on my cock I feel the lightning bolts shoot through my back as I feel you Cumming, I know that we are together as I begin to lose control. My cock as hard as ever I feel the warm cum blast out into your pussy, as you cum with me we cannot stop our passion. As I slow my motions once again, my cum now oozing out your pussy, I lean back and pull my cock from your sweet pleasures. You turn around and tell me it is time to return the favor, as you toss me to my back. Your sweat covered body slides down mine as you take my throbbing cock into your mouth once again. You taste the pleasures we have made together and cannot control yourself sucking my cock intensely. My cock now wet from your mouth and our passions, I cannot control myself as my hips start to thrust back and forth as you make me shoot another load into your mouth. With a moan I feel you enjoy the taste of me as it rolls down the back of your throat. As you lick the head of my cock and lay back next to me we caress each other until we fall into a deep sleep. Only to be awakened by the damn maids the next morning wanting to know if we want room service. 

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Welcome to the blogs...nice to see another blogger from Idaho!

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