Where do movies go when they die????  

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8/12/2006 7:15 pm

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Where do movies go when they die????

This past Thursday (8/10), I am sitting down flipping through channels needing something to watch or something to do. Changing stations, I come across an old classic. Old in the sense that this is from 1980....Classic in the sense that this is just a classic 80's bad movie experience.
The movie is....Flash Gordon. Yes, Flash Gordon. The really awesomely bad 1980's sci-fi disasterpiece with bad scenes, moderately bad special effects, and the soundtrack provided by Queen when their popularity was somewhat shaky but still good. Hey....I like Queen. To me, I think that Queen (with Freddie Mercury of course) was one of the greatest bands ever. But in my opinion of course,...the only really good movie soundtrack they did was Highlander and that was it.
But I start to digress....back to the Attack From Planet Nostalgia.
I had to sit and watch Flash Gordon in its entirety, not because I am there to watch something bad, but because I could use a good laugh. Now,...you have Sam Jones as the lead character. Needless to say.....this was the only movie he will be noted for unless he has moved to another country and/or died of a drug overdose. Other recognizable names included were Topol as Dr. Zarkov (from Fiddler on the Roof....which is another really good movie), Timothy Dalton as Prince Barin and Max von Sydow as Meng the Merciless. Who would have guessed that Dalton would have had a bigger movie career by doing some of the James Bond movies. What was interesting was that there was a brief cameo in the form of Richard O'Brian who played one of Barin's troops. Yes. Richard O'Brian.....the ever infamous "RIFF RAFF" himself from one of the great midnight movie cult classics "Rocky Horror Picture Show".

Now.....taking a look at movies back then and even up to about mid to late 90's or whatever,....Hollywood hasn't really produced an original movie in the last 5 or maybe 10 years or so. Yeah,...there were a few good films here and there that did have a sense of originality....but as of late I am looking at all these films that are coming out and it has just a slight hint of a movie that has been made in the last 20 or 50 years or so. There's that movie "Accepted" where a group of students make up a fake college because they can't get into a real college and I am there thinking that this is somehow a slight rip off of "Animal House". "Clerks 2"...??? Sorry....but we already had "Clerks 1" and don't need another installment. Even "Lady in the Water" looks completely lame.
I even tend to ask myself....."What is the strange obsession on wanting to take popular 80's t.v. series and turn them into a movie????" I mean do we the movie goers of America really need to relive "Miami Vice"....??? What's next....??? A film installment of "Full House" or "My Two Dads" or even dare I say "Max Headroom"...????

God I hope not.

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8/12/2006 7:28 pm

Sam Jones also distinguished himself by playing The Spirit for a tv movie that I've never seen, at some point.....

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8/12/2006 7:41 pm

A Full House movie? Just the very idea... is truly frightening.

There are original movies out there, they're just not being made by the big studios. I think American Splendor was one of the more original movies to come out in quite some time (starring Paul Giamatti from Lady in the Water). It's an autobiography on Harvey Pekar, but a totally different take on your usual autobio film.

If you look hard enough (and are willing to do so), you'll find some good stuff out there. Just don't look for the big studios to be doing that stuff.

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8/12/2006 8:14 pm

TCM - Turner Classic Movies

One of the best channels out there, they showcase classics as well as recent movies with no commercials & unedited!!

AMC - American Movie Classics

Does the same thing but it has commercials & is edited.

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