long time no crap  

rm_Statler73 43M
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7/6/2006 4:21 am
long time no crap

Ok so its been while I've now re-located and so I've had a bit of a lifestyle change. Needless to say AdultFriendFinder is still available and as everyone can see there is very little places with out an AdultFriendFinder member.

Also as I'm from a smaller community I have had to publish a more discrete picture. Off course us blokes without a picture stand little chance so one has to be there.

Must say recently I've been getting bored of the site, a break might be over due. The rooms and articles are the same, or seem monotonous, very little fun, or is it me have I become immune to it all??

Also I notice there is a high turnover of people in AdultFriendFinder people come on get profile, turn up a few months then disappear, do they too get bored, or are successful or just find the whole thing a waste of time??

The good/bad thing to AdultFriendFinder is moving to a new countrey has in no way affected my AdultFriendFinder life. Still chat away, still haven't met a sinlg soul I guess to some would thats a failure. However I take comfort in that I actually have a few virtual friends.

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