Wacky Women  

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12/9/2005 3:42 am

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Wacky Women

So, one of my trips out of town to visit the gals 'n' pals i meet a girl through some friends we'll just name Schizo for this tale's purposes.
Long curly blonde hair framing a face of bright blue eyes and a beautiful smile that says
'innocent' but screams 'Kiss Me !'. Pretty wild and adventurous, the tom boy from her youth not wanting to give up to the sweet, sensuous femme I see at first glance. I was instantly attracted and wanted to know more about her so i made sure we had the chance to really chat it up. this was easy enough while hanging out with the same friends. We seemed to really hit it off, exchanged a good flirt, and openly expressed positive feedback from what we both were learning about each other.
When i went back home, i was eagerly anticipating the next trip, and arranged a bit of a party. 5 of us started out at Schizo's boss' house (the 3 girls present all work together) for a bunch of drinks and games (i dont drink but they insisted i partake in the games) and we'd planned to meet a few others at a club later. Schizo and i got a lot closer. At the club i realized she was obviously a little drunk so just made it my job to make sure she was alright, but any time i sat down she sat down right next to me, touching and really throwing out the signals. I held my ground and kept the conversation going until her boss confronted her quite aggressively, telling her she was drunk, didn't know what she was doing, had no interrest in me and took off in a fit. When Schizo and i talked about this she admited that she had told her boss that she wasn't interrested in me, but it was before hanging out, and feeling a connection that she wanted to see where it could end up romantically. she insisted it was what she wanted and kissed me. She insisted this was what she wanted
Well great! i thought. We carried on the night dancing and chatting up about ourselves eager to learn all we could about each other. We've all been there before. She also finally explained that her boss thought me hot, and it seemed she really didn't asociate with my friends without me around. Well ok, whatever. Dissapointed about that but on with the fun evening!
I was the only sober driver and made sure the ladies got home safe, then schizo invited me in, where i softly sang and played her guitar to her til we both passed out in each other's arms.
The next morning she had to get up for work, and all seemed well in her sober state. She was comfortable enough to change and get ready with me there (back to her of course in gentlemanly fashion) and then walked me out to my car where she kissed me good bye. Later on when she got off work she called me and explained she would invite me over but she had a pretty rough day considering her lack of sleep the night before and was going to make sure she caught up on the Z's. Fair enough, i gots other friends i was happy spending time with.
The next day i was to leave back home again, and noticed schizo's purse still in my car. Alrighty ! I got my romance on and picked out the perfect flower for her ready to deliver with her lost purse. Crazy enough it was the perfect flower, her favourite! buuuuut, we then had a conversation with her expresing her concerns about the distance between us, her ambitions and a current relationship not fitting into those future goals (HUH ?!), which would eventually lead to someone getting hurt (DUH!). Well with some reasonable conversation, i found she really enjoyed my company and our conversations, but ultimately just had to take things really slow. Great! that actually makes the distance thing perfect, and i myself wasn't looking to rush things. If we spent more time together down the road and romance took off, power to us! i was looking forward to it. On the other hand if we discovered that being friends was a better idea, power to us! i was looking forward to it. So she told me to call sometime as i left and on that note I was homebound.
A few days later i found out there was a couple stand-up comics performing in my recent hometown away from home and i had the days around off. I decided to go and made sure everyone else knew about it incase they wanted to enjoy it as well. This of course included Schizo. I called her and the conversation apperently went well. She was informed, could go if she wanted, no big deal. She expressed it was a good idea and would let the others of the trio know, and that was that.
Now, I've detailed these events as honest and thorough as i can, and it all may seem fairly normal. Maybe some of you have concerns or question WTF is going on already. I anticipate there will be many different points of view. But hold on, as this is where things flipped me right around, and i now just sit back and laugh about the whole deal.
So the day after this phone call, Schizo's boss gets a hold of me with this 'message from schizo'. I'm to leave her alone as i'm too pushy, cant take a hint, and anoy the shit out of her.
I got her to elaborate WTF happened and apperently the only thing Schizo (now you see why the name) remembers about our party night is telling me she wasn't interrested, and afterwards set clear boundries which i obviously ignored. Of course at this moment i have a few dozen questions and have no clue what the hell is going on. And so i write into my blog, probably the only semi worthy entry as i finally have some time to do so, and wonder what others think. I've discussed with with a few friends and there's been some guesses, but I've lost the caring and curiosity to persue the answers any further in the only place i know i can find them. Nope, i've decided to just stay clear from all 3 from here on out, but i leave this to your amusement, boredom, or whatever state it is that drives you to wander the blog pages.

-Did the Boss claim me off limits to schizo?
-Did schizo just get shitfaced and have the uncontrolled urge to be cuddled that night? and was too confused the next morning to not put on the act?
-Or is schozo just friggin looney? flipped,.. a basket case ..

Lol, whatever the case, i've enjoyed laughing about it, telling it, and typing it so it's yours to enjoy reading it.
Maybe this time i'll actually earn my readers

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