I'm seriously surrounded  

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12/14/2005 11:52 pm

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I'm seriously surrounded

By Wacky Women !

Well let's start off by saying it's been a fun and eventful week. Not news making or novel writing eventful, but busy for me. Took another out of town trip to visit the boys, tho i only got to hang out with 2 of them. We hung out, put some skates on and shot a puck around an out door rink. Good times.

I finished my christmas shopping, the biggest burn in the funds coming from my sister's computer. She's graduating this year and i love spoiling her Mind you i spoiled everyone this year, but that feels good I hardy ever enjoy getting gifts, unless it's very thoughtful and something i usually cant get for myself, but the feeling i get when i just know the person i'm giving a gift to is going to be blown away by it is awesome.

So i get back home and am en route to play some volleyball, when i place myself and vehicle into a ditch. Stoopid ice! Of coarse i'm freaking out at the time, but once i called tow truck and actually evaluated the situation i found i was fine, and the car was still in great shape, besides the needing a face lift. Since i wasn't going to make volleyball i sent my sister to inform the other players and get them set up with the balls i was to provide. When the others heard the news there was mostly chuckles and i'm sure a few jokes at my expense, but a Drama queen of a girl whoom i unfortunately had been involved with a few years back freaked out and left to seek me out. She apperently waited at home for me for half hour before she gave up and found me actually at the school playing volleyball. lol yeah, traumatic stuff i must have just gone through

So after the few games i get assaulted by her craziness once again, Ooohh how i missed it the last few years. "you trying to give me a heart attack?" "I was worried sick" .. and various other spazms of madness were thrown my way. Seriously, if there had been anything wrong with me, would my sister be at the school to tell the tale? But there really should be a novel if not at least a blog posted just all about this girl. I may do so some day.

To summerize, she's a looney drama queen who when i met her was living with a boyfriend but was obsessed with me. Told me every sob story imaginable, and did everything else she could to try and influence herself into my bed. I really shouldn't have wasted my time but finally when she left him i got involved, only to be manipulated, accused of stalking, ridiculed to any other guy she wanted .. Could i just once have someone sane be interrested in me? .. Not that i took it badly. i knew she was bonkers and really just went along for the ride. is this wrong? 0.o

She's currently living with a guy who's knocked her up and she's growing restless again, and as usual, looking for affection in places she shouldn't be. Heh, she even made herself out to be the victim in this little scenario in order to invoke my sympathy. yeah good times ...

Well that's pretty much the meat and potatoes of my last few days. If either of you 3 about to view this wish some elaboration on any of the gravy herein out of curiosity, or even boredom, feel free to request it. Seriously, i'm here for YOU .. what do YOU want to read about? This blog would be a bit more entertaining with some viewer feedback methinks

well tah tah 4 now my young padiwans. keep your stick on the ice

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