Antivirus vendor author : "I also very much apreciate the hard work you spent on the analysis[...]"  

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11/28/2005 11:41 pm

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Antivirus vendor author : "I also very much apreciate the hard work you spent on the analysis[...]"

Avast(.com)support forums / Avast Home ed. / search for "trial_user" or "AdultFriendFinder"

It all started when some ppl came in the Qc chat room saying that there was a virus in the chatroom... some VBS/Jscript. Using this AV, Avast antivirus, they detected the chat page as containing a virus. Is there a virus in the AdultFriendFinder chat room? What does have to do with it? I won't spoil the fun for you, and you may read the thread

In no way do I want to shed any bad light on the AV concerned. I am not making any claim as to this product but it looks nice to me... my concern was only AdultFriendFinder related and I'm not here to review the AV nor promote neither discourage its use.

My staminaful contribution to the Support Forum, as evidenced by the final statement by the author, makes for distracting reading when you've scanned through all the online members and you're bored...

Let me quote some lines from the posts thread:

"I must say Trial_user_Uninstalling_Avast that your attitude towards having a false positive is extraordinary"

"Technically I can add nothing, but using common sense the above mentioned site is a part of a huge network of data collection sites, permeating substantially throughout the web. Visiting such a network would require plenty of realtime defence . Avast!'s response, off hand, seems quite appropriate whatever the inner workings you have defined"
Abraxas, from the movie 1984

I admit to retorting:
"lots real time defence....hmmm... may I ask.... do you wear plate-mail armor? Seems like an appropriate response to me;D lollollllllllllllll "

"good luck finding a friend"

"i think theres a moral to this beware the open window look where it took Peter Pan"

Inspector Clueless, worrying about my sex life and adding some nice humour along the way... what about rear.window?

"Wait if the new VPS file corrects the false positive... Are you sure about it is not infected?"
Tech, a "by the book" man
Let me retort: I have tested negative for STi/STds lately. I am "not" infected!!!!Keep your VPS to yourself!

"I suggest going to dos prompt and loading up Telnet against the server and port number, and I think typing GET (...file name with directory structure)."
Brijones, a newbie who should focus on working on the sequel to Hackers

This is really a techno-AdultFriendFinder novel. Really avant-garde stuff!


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