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5/8/2005 8:39 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


This week:

Worked a lot
Tried out new pub
Invites 1 (Hey improvement over last 3 weeks!)
Weekend - Hey got a lady staying over, who knows?

Ever wondered if the world is, in fact, a freak show and you're the star exhibit?


Well welcome to my world!

This weekend was spent with 'Accounts Girl' she visted from 't north and stayed over. Unlike other visits she did not get pissed so, unliike other visits, I did not get lucky.

Hence the freak show... It seems I have reached the unpleasant realisation that I have to get the opposite sex drunk, not incapable or unconcious I desperately add, just pleasantly pissed before they wish to be intimate with me.

Oh dear, Guess its time to start checking out the massage parlours.

Best Joke heard this week:

Two women looking in a shop window, one says "That's the one I'd get"... and the Cyclops came out and ate her.

Thats it...

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