Ahhh F%#k how did that happen?  

rm_Squidgyguts 46M
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5/21/2005 6:39 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ahhh F%#k how did that happen?

Another week, another twenty-two and a half pence.

This week I have been happily oggling the girls breasts as they walk down the stairs! Wheeyy Hey summer is here and the low cut tops are in!

Yes I know I'm a sad pervy, but hell I have to get my jollies somewhere don't I?

Guess I better get some national health glasses, add my bit of plaster around the frame and get myself a mack. Yes i'm joining the pevert club so I must have the uniform!

Not much happpened this week apart from the alien landing in the back garden, he looked kind of funny but was otherwise a good guy. He motioned for me to come close, stood on his little grey tippytoes and whispered in my ear " the secret of life the univers and everything is..." At that point I decided he just looked too weird so I shot him.

Guess that would do it for this week


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