Another company Xmass galla....  

rm_SpyderMRS 42M
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12/23/2005 10:46 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Another company Xmass galla....

So Xmass time again, 2005 going by and the COMPANY has organized another galla before taking off for christmas holidays and 2006.... and guess what?

It was arranged for bouzoukia at Peiraios avenue where a lot of greek music artists perform again this winter season. But this year, timing was an issue. One of my best friends had his birthday and party at the same day and time. Friday 23'00. So what's the plan?

A. Stay home (nuh.... boring, I did that the previous night)
B. Skip company's party and go to friend's birthday (cool but will miss half the fun!)
C. Skip friend's party and go to buzukia with company's colleuages (friend will kill me the day after)

So you have to attend both! Leave home early, go to the birthday party at 23'00 and then around 2'00 in the morning leave for buzukia. That's what I did.... Most of my friends (all couples, I am the only single) were there, had some drinks, talked about holidays, work, days off. Life was good as usual. Only one minor, spicy thing happened: one of my temp ex-girlfriends (had sex with her only once) dropped by with her new boy-friend. Interesting... women never give up, do they? Evening rolled out as usual, and around 2:00 we cut the birthday cake and was about to leave. My friends insisted to stay but my instict pushed me to go....

Driving through Athens at night isn't always easy especially when it's Friday night just before Xmass and everyone is out. It took me half an hour to Peiraios street and then had an adventure to park. But all is well, arrived at buzukia, place was packed, full of people, music is great, but where are the tables reserved for the company and my co-workers?

Ah, there it is, almost everyone is here, let's do some greeting... but why everyone is sitting down? They should be dancing on the tables by now!!! Let's PARTY!!!!

Got some flowers throwing around, time for oriental music and girls are stepping on the tables. Now that looks like normal here. One of my female friends just divorced and she brought a friend of her that I know her from some private gatherings at her place. She looked great, we talked, danced, had fun.... I offered her a ride back home, we stayed till the end of the show and when dawn was starting to shed some light, we took off. In my car, I gently got close to her, our lips got together and we kissed. Life was great! I am glad I didn't change my mind for attending both events. So why am I bothering you with this story? Looks like normal, boy meets girl, girl meets boy, they kiss, have sex, get close to each other.

Yeah right.... That's what happened, just to find out though afterwards that she is engaged, we can't see each other, she is preparing for her wedding next year and she won't give me her number! I have to admit she was brave and honest.

So for all the girls out there, can you explain this to a confused guy that bumped into this situation?

Would you flirt and have sex with someone else, while you are engaged and looks like you are hitting the church sooner or later?

Does she really want to get married? Was she completely drunk? Or just bored? Maybe confused...

Gee, this is what living in the 200x looks like in a modern city. Another day, another adventure!

My oh my, don't I love living in Athens... (should quit car racing and go out more often!)

SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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12/23/2005 11:44 am

Well I may a completely poor source for such a question...

Maybe, she saw you and saw an opportunity for a great time. Guys are not the only ones able to do this, girls are just as guilty of it.

Granted it sucks that she didn't tell you before hand that she was engaged, but perhaps she needed a night to be free. You may have excited her enough that she just wanted a chance to be with regardless of the consequenses.

Or maybe, she was just incredibly horny and you fit the criteria of "good enough for now". You'll never know. Anyhow, good luck in search to have fun, maybe meet some girls that are willing to show you a good time and aren't on thier way to the church.

All in all, you can't really complain about a great night of sex can you?

Happy Near Year and here's to figuring it all out in the 200X's!



rm_SpyderMRS 42M
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12/23/2005 2:53 pm

SweetDarlinAngel, I guess I'll never find out and probably that's the beauty of it

I am noone to judge people. I was just trying to have a better understanding how girls think in situations like that. Cause I know how a guy would, I guess

I admit I was a bit surprised that she was engaged and I wasn't expecting that. Can't complain though since we had a great time...

But I think your comment was spot on. So let's drink to another great year in the 200Xs...

Merry Xmass

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