Nice guys finish last  

rm_Sparky_m_24 40M
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2/24/2006 9:08 pm

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4/10/2008 7:30 am

Nice guys finish last

It has been my experience that nice guys generally finish last when it comes to relationships. Jobs, money and general life style they are usually descent.

But when you look at the jerks in life they are usually the ones living off of others and getting the women all hot and bothered.

Now being a larger guy, that is incredibly romantic and sweet. I have had the displeasure of being cheated on and used to many extents. While other guys around me I find the women are obsessed with them even though they treat the women like a horse they ride when they want and use them constantly.

All I know is, women that are like that aren't worth my time. I am who I am and always will be.

Just would like to find a woman that doesn't care to be treated like s#!+, and wants to be treated like an equal.

If anyone agrees or disagrees please add a comment and let me hear your opinion.

Later all.

Nansemond_Rebel 56M

2/27/2006 4:31 pm

a.k.a. the bad boy syndrome.....some women just a self-destructive urge to get involved with the loud, flashy guys, who end up being users and losers....claim they can't stand the rogue types, then fall all over themselves to win his attention....go figure....

AustinCowbelle 47F
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1/5/2008 3:57 pm

For the most part, you are so right!
I mean, do nice people have to go against what they believe and be jerks just to get noticed?
No...My only advice to the nice guys out there is to not be overly needy and don't be overly affectionate too soon. If she thinks she's got ya hook line and sinker before the first date is even over, she'll lose interest most likely. Women and men want to chase and be chased and like things to stay new and interesting.
There are people out there better suited and qualified to give advice though. Heck, I am one of the nice girls! It's the bitchy, super-independant ones that seem to snag the men...but like you, I don't want the kind of person who is attracted to that and I won't BE that kind of person.
Just sit back and enjoy the ride

rm_Annie3683 52F
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4/12/2008 8:14 pm

I do not believe that all women are that way. I know that I treat people whether the are male or female the way that I want to be treated. If some one does not treat me with respect, I do not have anything else to do with them. As that I live by the golden rule "Treat others the way you want to be treated"

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