Dad looking for other dads and/or their sons  

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10/27/2005 11:59 am

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Dad looking for other dads and/or their sons

You probably wonder if I'm serious, that incest turns me on. You probably wouldn't believe the number of men I have met over the years who have either done it for real and had a good time to boot, or are just turned on by the idea.

Sometimes they ask me whether my stories are true or whether I'm just telling tales.

Really, guys, ..."tales"? Isn't this a shameful act? Maybe so, but just to give you a clue, I never did anything I didn't want. I wasn't forced. I may have been the instigator of this sinful behavior.

Let me tell you, I had such a hot time, the idea never really left me. I am not trying to cause any trouble in anyone's life, so if necessary, take it with a grain of salt. Use a shaker, if you must.

I will now reverse myself and claim that ir is 100% fictitous. And, hey, my kids are safe. If one of them, being of legal age, tried to seduce me, well, however HOT that might be, I will refrain from further comment.

What I hope to find are other dads - or sons - with similar experience to swap stories with, maybe magazines or movies or something. We can also turn each other on over the phone.

So, friends, take it as seriously as you dare. They don't call me "Sinister" for no reason!

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