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12/18/2005 4:42 pm

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Our first blog

Our purpose is to share what turns us on and to hear input from others. Although we have tried full swap a few times with other couples and singles, we are now dedicated to soft swap, at least until we find that special person or persons that we feel a real connection with.
For us soft swap is very erotic because the goal is not orgasm, but all the teasing, touching and pleasure that leads up it. A long but intensely intimate evening is more of a blast for us than a good hard screw with someone we hardly know. As fun as intercourse is, it is the sort of thing that usually doesn't result in orgasm (at least for the woman) unless all the other things are in place : foreplay, comfort level, a mental turn on, some type of connection or chemistry.
Some will disagree with that philosophy. They will say, for example, that full swap with people they hardly know is both erotic and cuts out any strings that might get attached. We fully agree up to a point, but for us we find that reality doesn't always live up to fantasy.
We would like to share numerous aspects of our sex lives on here. Some have happened already in reality. Others we would like to make reality and are on this site for help with that. Still others may be reserved for fantasy only.
Although we are quite an ordinary couple in the looks department, we think we share a very special bond and sexual intimacy uncommon in the average marriage. Swinging has only added to our marriage, not detracted from it.
As this is are first post, we will save the details of our sex lives for future posts. Our fantasies, ideas and real experiences are too much for one post. However, a few of the things we like, and are certainly up for in reality, are seduction, teasing, flirting, sex games, watching, being watched, mutual masterbation, giving and recieving oral sex, light bondage, very mild dominance and submission, erotic photography, motel meetings, discreet encounters in one of our vehicles, most kinds of foreplay, husband watching wife with someone else and/or participating in some kind of straight 3 way encounter.
We will expand on these and a some other ideas in the future. It is unlikely we will run out of things to talk about. We will try to update regularly. Thanks for reading.

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1/25/2006 7:55 pm

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