Intense orgasms...  

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8/23/2006 9:44 pm

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Intense orgasms...

Today, I had an extremely hard day. Not a difficult day just one of those days when it seems that the other head has a head of its own. That's right, a "hard-on" day.

After work, I did some much needed yard work, and about dark came in to shower. I thought this would be the time to take care of business, so I took some time to pay attention to what had kept my attention most of the day. A few minutes of stroking myself, holding it, stroking and holding, and last hold and then I decided to wait.

I got out of the shower, was putting on my clothes and my wife walked in. "Can I do anything for you?" she asked. I was glad that I had not cum in the shower. "How about a blow job?" I replied. "OK" I undressed and she pulled me close to her and took my dick in her mouth. It felt so warm and her tongue felt good as she caressed my shaft with her wet tongue. Her lips closed around my dick, and she sucked on me until I was about to cum, then I held it. This went on for about 20 minutes, then she undressed, laid on the bed and let me fuck her. Her pussy was wet, and ready for me as I drove it as deep in her as she could stand.

I reached to massage her clit and she said this was just for me, so I fucked her hard until I was about to cum, then held it. Another 15 minutes or so of fucking, then she took me to the bathroom mirror, stood behind me, reached around in front of me with her hands and finished me off. I had been hard most of the day, holding it most of the evening, and ooohhh how sweet it is. I felt like I would never stop as she kept stoking me. This was one of the most intense orgasms I have had.

Anyone else ever had s similar experience? Guys or gals?

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