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7/29/2005 8:09 pm

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I went hashing last night after a long absence of hashing on the Lion City Hash. I was supporting Svein's "shit family" effort being that his hash handle is 'shit fit'. Finished the run in about 50 minutes, attended the circle and and the on-on that was probably not bad if you were in the queue earlier. Leg of lamb, chuck, greens, mash...would have been good but I was a bit too late and ended up with not much.

I then went to the village where I probably drank too much and stayed out until about 2:00am. I did a guidance of the old Changi Hospital to a group of ghost hunting 16-19 year old local Chinese youngsters and showed them there were no ghosts in fact. Only dust and dog turds.

I finally got to sleep about 4:00am which is very late for me since that's the time I normally wake, or there abouts.

Let's see what the weekend has to offer?

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