Oh Dear!  

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8/3/2005 11:20 pm

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Oh Dear!

Last weekend was mostly a write-off. My part-time maid tells me that my Neighbor (Alby) down the road next to the golf course woke up at noon from that late night expedition into Changi Village. What did I do? Saturday afternoon I collected up my buddy Svein and we went for Teppanyaki and Beer, then we went for more beer at Brewerkz which resulted in us looking for more beer at the old Mitre Hotel, yes it's still standing believe it or not, in fact, old man Chiam is spending a little money on it and it will probably get painted on the outside for the first time in probably 50 years. Inside, it's still the old wreck of a hotel it has been for the past 10 years or so. While finishing a second beer, old Mr. Sworen Singh appeared so I suggested we hurry on our way. If he buys us a round we will be stuck there listening to him repeat himself for the rest of the afternoon. So it's on to Harry's at Orchard Towers, then Svein says let's get some food, so off to the new Chico's & Charlies across the street for Mexican. While there we noticed a group of pretty girls chatting away at the near by table in...sounds like Vietnamese. I say "Chi khoe? khĂ´ng?" which basically "How are you ladies?" and get a bunch of giggles in return. One of them asks if they can practice their English with us and we say "of course!" They were staying in the Orchard Parade Hotel, staff from Vietnam Airlines attending some kind of training in one of the hotel conference rooms until noon that day and flying back, some to HCMC and some to Hanoi the next day. Well, we invited them to see the real Singapore (my Changi Village hang outs) and one of them raised her hand....not bad I suppose since she was one of the really cute ones. Her name could not be pronounced by my tongue so I called her Lana which she did not object to. Connie, at Bambooz gave her a "7" which is fine for my scale which only goes up to 8, and starts at 4. haha, heard that on the Drew Carey show last week. The rest of the weekend was a total right off. Somebody called me on Sunday afternoon and I ended up back at Bambooz until about 11:00 Sunday night.

Monday morning pulled my office trollys on and..they seem a bit tight. Maybe all that boozing is taking effect? Stepped on the scale and it appears that I have gained about 3kg in the past month. That's it, gotta start running again!

So Monday night after work, pulled on the trainers and took off across the golf course to do a 5km run. Wow! I am out of shape...Tuesday night run again, feels a bit better but still. Wednesday night run again, ahh, that's a bit better still. After the run and a shower step on the scale. Lost 1.5kg in sweat. It's a start but can't give up yet. Gonna keep this up for a few weeks.

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