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5/29/2006 7:07 pm

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Broke Back Doggy

It's been a few months since I posted anything here and I have not been busy what-so-ever.

What do you get when you cross a 300lb super-sized drunken American with a normal sized not drunken Singapore based soidoggy (me) and a wee bit of rain water in the car park after dinner? Well, suffice it to say, my L1 vertebrae will never be the same. In fact it's now missing some 20% of what used to be the middle of L1 after trying to pick up the tub of lard after he fell over. The shattering sensation when the bone popped was one of the most unusual feelings I have experienced and the 2 months of pain while recovering will never be forgotten. Could be worse though, at least I don't live on an active volcano!

Glad the old fart is finally gone back to the US and not sure if I ever want him back here. Too much like caring for a giant unwanted child. Sounds cruel I suppose but I live alone and don't have the time and facilities needed to care for the inebriated elderly.

BTW, I came up with a new definition for "broke back". Read the above, less glamorous but just as deep and meaningful on a personal level.

Serenely_Yours 117

6/7/2006 4:51 am

First time visiting your blog and read your email.
Interesting? Interested?

٭ ˚ °◦○☻ Serenely Yours ☺○◦° ˚ ٭

rm_SoiDoggy replies on 6/8/2006 12:00 am:
I like the banter in your blog too, very much reminds me of Jim Morrison's work. Contact me anytime if you want to open dialogue and we may decide to meet up sometime.

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