rm_SoSexySoNice 51M
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7/24/2006 1:11 am

Here was I at AdultFriendFinder, looking for a friend, or was it a sexual encounter, or was it... I go through blogs, chats and wonder, hey is anybody like me? Normal with fantasies and unfulfilled dreams. Every guy seems to have extraodinary equipment they are willing to show off, every girl seemed to have insatiable appetites. What about the rest of us chickens? I don't have a twelve inch cock, honestly I didn't think such things exist! I get tired, bored, uninterested. I also get wild...

So I think, okay, upload a pix, right. So what part of my body do I show. Was tempted to retouch a photo of somebody else's equipment and pass it off as my own. What if somebody takes me up on the offer. Walk around with a twelve inch frankfurter and hope nobody notices? Now thats an idea. Hum......

Lets chat, I think. Man was that confusing. My handle got me into trouble right away. SoSexy right? Prooooove it. How do you prove in chat. I have found that equipment descriptions, encounter descriptions and all that can be imagined. But I know I am sexy. So I don't have twelve inches. Man, but what I have I know how to use. What about that feeling that you have just had a nice time and it really was wonderful. Not just an exercise in sexual calisthenetics (is there such a word?). I love my sex, honestly. I also love my food, but nobody asks me to perform eating feats to show my love for food. When I was in college, we used to perform drinking feats to show our love for alcohol. All I got out of that were several hangovers. No exactly recomended for fun.

I got a network invite almost immediately, and lost it in the confusion of trying to find out what was that blinking big box doing in the chat room. Guess there was one very disappointed inviter (sic) But I did finally get my network working. Now comes the problem, I don't have a credit card. Hell, I don't know anybody who does. We love debit cards in Kenya, we would love to get all the benefits of Gold membership. It aint even that expensive. But I cannot pay by debit. Then there is this nice girl I've winked at, I want to IM and email, I want to invite her to my network, I even want to meet her. But no credit card. Hummmm.... Now where was that manual?

WoolyInureSlues 29M
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3/28/2011 9:34 am

It'd difficult proving yourself here, but whatever you do it pays to be yourself.

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