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8/7/2006 3:05 am

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10/3/2006 8:12 am


This is supposed to be a community of sexualy liberated person, right? Wrong. When I go through profiles to search for that perfect match what I usually see are asses, pussies, boobs and various sundry parts of the human body. Yes, I do like pussy, asses, boobs, etc., but do I really use these to search for sex?

Was thinking, suppose in a real life situation I went to a whore house and I was presented with an album full of pussies and boobs, how would I choose. The big one, hairy one, shaved one, wet one, dark one,light one? I do not think I consiously choose my sexual partners on basis of their pussy. I would use face, legs, body, posture... quite a lot of things, but not pussy.

So why do us sexually liberated people hide behind our equipment. It is that we are so sure the rest of our bodies will turn her/him off? Or are we just hiding behind a screen in case somebody discovers that that 12" dick is just a battering ram without any pleasure or finesse?


WoolyInureSlues 29M
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3/28/2011 9:42 am

I always say that nudity should have some delicacy in it.

serialfucker_ke 39M
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8/25/2006 1:05 am

I like your point SoSexySoNice. It's well made as well.

But I don't think people are that sexually liberated after all. Many are conscious about posting photos of their face for fear of being seen by someone they know. And I think AdultFriendFinder is not your classic dating site: It is "the world's largest sex & swinger personals community". Now imagine a prominent member of society's face being spotted here? It takes courage (and it is good to note you are one of them) to post a face picture. People like to me discreet, even if not for their own shyness but maybe because they're doing something behind their partner's back (see the post And so i enter in my serialfucker_ke).

And the reason why I also think people post erotic and sensual picture (not even theirs at that!) is in order to elicit your horniness. Once your horniness is brought to the fore, you let common sense get out of the window and even won't question the basics; is the photo hers/his? is he/she really of THAT sex? is s/he really where s/he says s/he is? Is it someone I can hold a conversation with? Basically, the picture that keeps ringing in your mind is that wet pussy or 12 inch dick and you yearn to meet the person with expectations that will get dashed at first sight.

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