Russian Stripper  

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7/1/2006 4:15 pm
Russian Stripper

Her name was Alexandra..or at least her dancer name was that. I think her real name was Olga, but who really knows? Nothing that goes on in Strip clubs is ever close to the truth. I met her shortly after my separation..I was roaming the streets at ungodly hours...basically looking for trouble. I was lonely and angry and slowly became addicted to the allure of the strip club. I had never frequented them during my marriage, so it was all new and exciting for me.
I didn't have a "girl" that i was going there to see and wasn't really interested in unloading all my always i kept it low key there. She got to me though and she either played on my weaknesses or She genuinely was attracted to me. Of course any guy would be attracted to her...She was beautiful with blond hair..Marilyn Monroe type of body...winter sky blue eyes and so damn sexy it was hard to take your eyes off of her. She came off her set on stage and came directly to me the 1st time we had eye contact...she sat with me most of the night talking and slowly I felt that feeling. You know the one..when you meet someone who has the chemistry that matches yours and you just know....if you ever ended up in bed it would be explosive.
I was quite taken aback by our encounter and stayed away for about a week...but before i knew it I was back and staring into those blue eyes. I didn't know what to think...during our lap dances the whole world would disappear, we had a real spark! But...I still wasn't sure what to do. I asked my friends to go with me to check her out and give me an idea if I was being worked. To my surprise they told me yeah...she is into you. I gave her my cell number and told her to call me if she wanted to meet outside the club...but I couldn't watch her dance anymore.
It was around Halloween she called and set up a date. I was working nights at the time and she said she would meet me late but i had to bring a friend along with me because she had a friend who was coming along too. It made sense since she really didnt know who I was. So...I asked the only person I could, this guy who was a real asshole. At such short notice i had no other away we went to meet these girls in Dyker heights, Brooklyn...we met them on the street and they jumped into my truck. I asked them where they wanted to or whatever and she suggested a bar a few blocks away. The girl and I started to get all lovey dovey with each other...kissing and smelling each others scents..exploring what we could in such a public place. Meanwhile my asshole friend and the other girl were NOT hitting it off and i could tell already it was going to be a problem. I wanted this girl in the worst way...I had been without sex for almost a year and it was driving me crazy. I was determined not to let anything get in my way......

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