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5/28/2006 2:33 am

The local train was crowded as hell as it usually is on a early evening weeknight. The weather was cold..the sky dark and grey. Christmas season was approaching and that added even more riders to an already crowded train.
When the train became crowded like that I would usually stand by the doors, facing out because I hate every stop a nice arctic blast of air would straighten out my senses.
Since I rode the train everyday at about the same time I got to know a few faces, not that I'm friendly enough to strike up a conversation. On this particular evening i noticed a woman who had caught my eye more then a few times.
She was, from her clothes a business woman. She always carried her self very well.... well groomed and stylish. Long black hair that framed a perfect face..high cheekbones and pale blue eyes that would make you look away if ever her eyes met yours.
Being bold and younger at the time I would always force my self to stare into those pale eyes...just for the hell of it. She was older then me, but it was hard to tell how much. On a few occasions our eyes would lock, lingering..nothing more. This particular evening having an inadequate amount of seating I could see her walking down the aisle looking for a seat. As none was to be found she found herself standing near by me. I could smell her perfume, even with my back to her. I managed to discreetly watch her reflection through the dark train windows. She wore a long woolen overcoat on her thin frame. A stylish business suit with a open blouse which showed off her nicely shaped chest.
The train became more and more crowded as we left the city, the surge of commuters forced her into me. I could feel her breasts pressed against my back and the beat of her heart. I pushed back a little into her to feel it even more. Then the unexpected happened next...I felt her hands slowly slide around my waist, under my coat. She pulled me tight against her holding my chest from behind. She leaned into me and said in a whisper, dont turn around. With that her hand nimbly moved to my zipper, she positioned her self as to obscure any passengers from seeing what she was doing. She reached into my pants and grabbed my semi-erect cock and squeezed it. In my ear she whispered I want this in me tonight....

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