Growing up in SoHo  

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Growing up in SoHo

I guess since this is my first post here I will start from the beginning. My first sexual experience...which Ive only told to one person. Not that I'm ashamed of it mind you, its part of who I am I guess. It takes place in my childhood really...circa late 70s by my calculations. I lived with my Mother in a large and expensive apartment in SoHo, anyone not familiar with that part of Manhattan can Google it at another time. My Mother was born in France and emigrated to the United States when She was barely out of her teenage years. She worked as a secretary at a large corporation in uptown Manhattan. She was very beautiful and turned every head in her office I'm sure. My Father was a very handsome, powerful married executive, much older and far more experienced then her. Needless to say, I was born.....I was the product of a secret affair that even to this day is a secret to His family. My Mother never really had to support us as my father paid for almost everything. He would visit once a month. At the time it seemed normal. When I was thirteen years old My Grandmother in France became very Ill. Subsequently my Mother packed and left for France, To watch over me she sent for her 25 year old cousin to stay in her place until her return. She was the most beautiful person I had ever met, so full of life and it seemed like the sun was always shining when she was around. She would walk me to the park and buy us candy at the local candy store. While I was in school she would explore the city...always buying me a little something. She barely spoke English but that never stopped her from doing whatever she wanted. I was completely in love with her or at least as much as a 13 year old kid could be I guess. It was all very innocent until the day I saw her without her clothes. She never wore a lot of clothes anyway but when she showered she wouldn't bother closing the door to the bathroom. I can still remember her body even to this day, silhouetted by the morning sun, tanned and muscular. I guess I was a deer in the headlights because I couldn't turn away even after she noticed me standing there. She didn't stop me so i just stayed and she laughed at me and shooed me away. At this point I had become obsessed with her and I followed her around like a stray dog. She would just shake her head at me and laugh. One day I lost control of myself and grabbed her breast. "No No Nooo" she said and bent over to look closely in my eyes. "William" she said, "A woman does not like a man to touch them without permission." She sat down on the sofa and motioned for me to sit next to her. She sighed and looked at me, " Would you like to know how to make a woman fall in love with you?" I never said anything but nodded. "To be a good lover you have to move slowly and confidently... it is all about the anticipation of what is to come...the seduction...that is what a woman wants." She looked at me with those big blue eyes of hers and smiled. "Here...I will show you...I will be the man." she said. She moved close to me so I could smell her scent and without touching me directly began to smell and breath in my ear, then lightly touched my cheek with her lips. I remember the hair on my body standing up on end as she continued to lightly kiss me around my face. Then she licked the top part of my upper lip slowly and sensually...she moved her body over mine like a cat, every move carefully and gracefully executed. Slowly as she kissed me she undid the buttons on my school uniform exposing my hairless chest, she reached down and rubbed her hands over my nipples. She knealt down between my legs and slid my shirt off and started kissing my chest and licking my nipples. She could feel my young cock straining against her chest and put her hand on it to feel the be continued..sorry

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