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[size 7] What women want.... [/size]

Welcome to my blog - Please read on at your own risk and bugger off if you don't have an opinion. SS

About 20 years ago i was a decent young man. I treated all women with total respect. I was brought up to believe in chivalry and loved the idea of it all - and I lived that feeling and was that person every day for four years (13 - 17).

Over those four years I dated a number of, I felt wonderful and beautiful women. However most of those women either left me for a 'bad boy' or went further (as would have been said at the time) with their partner after me.

What on earth could I have been doing wrong? I was following everything I'd been taught. One day in 1987 a woman I was with and thought I loved screwed a real 'bad boy' just for the sex.

Fuck this!..... after a suitable hate the world hiatus, I emerged a different man. Now wary and cautious of being hurt or getting too close to any woman, I became distant and disinterested in in women. I developed some bad habbits and did alot of things I probably shouldn't have. Lo and behold, suddenly the girls I use to want but couldn't get were approaching me. Was it my 'stay away - I don't care' attitude that attracted them? Naturally I conditioned my behaviour going forward to attract those women and it continued to interest them.

15 years on and I still don't really understand it. I still believe in chivalry - but is it only to be wasted on a the poor who can't find someone to treat them badly? I've had a couple of lenghthy relationships since then and found that even then, those girls still wanted a bit of a bad boy - or I beleive that they would have become bored.

The bottom line is I've N.F.I.

So what is it that you want ladies? I'm not talking about life long partners here, rather what is it that attracts all the good girls to the bad boys?

Your original thoughts please....

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