Winnie the Pooh & Sarcasm Too!! A Day in Philly...  

rm_Sloppyjoe812 58M
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6/23/2006 1:14 pm
Winnie the Pooh & Sarcasm Too!! A Day in Philly...

Glass half full:

Each day is the same old shit. We wake up, go to work, eat the same crap we had yesterday and the day before. Sometimes, on rare occasions, we smile.

The weather is always pretty shitty and on good days there is a noxious hazy crud that lies over the city and makes our eyes water and our throats coarse. Roads are always jammed and the ride to work is slightly better than a knife to the eye. Of course, parking is non-existent and I decide that the attendant who just spit on the windshield was actually trying for a better tip.
After cutting a swath through the hookers, pimps and drug dealers in front of the school yard, I dump my kid to the mental patient he calls the teacher.

The rest of the day is uneventful and after electric shock therapy I hunker down and get to work on more excuses why the report that my boss asked for 2 weeks ago, still isn’t done. The ‘allergic to the new ink toner’ bit is starting to wear thin.

I get home about 6pm and my wife immediately unlocks my shackles long enough to order dinner. I always get her favorite from Angelo’s, a large pizza pie with no sauce and no cheese. I put the kids to bed and read them the next chapter of the ‘Exorcist’.

Life is good.

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