Relax for Survival  

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Relax for Survival

As a brand new blogger I'm noticing something really interesting on this site. If I don't include the words, Tits, Pussy or Cock in the one wants to read it. I guess that doesn't say much for today's society.

Relax For Survival
My first name does not start with Maharishi. I do not sit around on cushions with my legs behind my head, (as fun as that may sound). Nonetheless, you may know exactly who I am.

I'm an overworked, underpaid, stressed out parent who has little time and lots of bills. I've been at times THE MOST STRESSED OUT PERSON IN THE WORLD. I have been SICK AND TIRED.If you're reading this, then you must have guessed by now, I'm just like you.

Go to any REI or book store and you will find ‘survival’ guides by the score. These are great books that relate to surviving the trials and trails of the great outdoors. The knowledge in some of these books could one day be key to saving your life. The survival I mention here is not about what goes on outside, but what goes on inside your body and mind. The knowledge I gained through meditative experience saved my life and could one day save yours.

Relaxation is the key to my survival. I make no promises or claims of success. I cannot promise that your problems will disappear or that you will suddenly be filled with inner peace. Deep meditation is not intended to be a cure-all, though some profess that it is. It is not designed to take the place of a therapist, doctor or other medical professional. If you are under severe emotional strain please get professional help I am not qualified to go into details of what creates anxiety or how to identify the stressors in your life

Twenty-eight years ago I learned a simple technique that has become an old friend. When I practice regularly my body and mind respond with amazing speed. If you were to hook me up to a biofeedback machine I guarantee you that I can bring myself down to a meditative state in less than 30 seconds.

Relaxation may help you to reduce tensions, manage everyday stress, break nasty habits, improve performance at home work or in sports, improve your health and make you feel real good.

Consider my next few blogs a layman’s guide to relaxation techniques. Enclosed you'll find simple methods that have worked for millions of people. These are proven routines that, with practice, will bring about positive results.

I promise you one thing; if you continue doing what you’re doing, you will continue to get what you've got. If you act in a positive fashion, keep an open mind and follow some simple directions, you will learn to enjoy life stress free and start down the path to survival.


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