Part II "The Christmas Angel  

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Part II "The Christmas Angel

The heater worked overtime to keep them warm while the sound of the wipers struggled to stay ahead of the falling snow. “You’re going to need to get some rubbers.” Nicole quipped while trying to reach out the window and snap the forming ice off the blades. “Pardon me?” he snapped suddenly sitting straight up in his seat. “Your shoes are getting ruined,” she replied while laughing, “Santoni if I had to venture a guess”. She was right, the combination of slush and salt were going to kill his $ 300.00 Italian loafers. “Some nice gloves would also be a fine idea to protect your hands”, she added with a motherly tone “Out of practice for this lovely weather I’m afraid, not had much call for them lately”, he answered as he held out his hands to survey the damage. The manicure was still holding up considering the punishment they received from his last rock climbing adventure. He thought how weird it was that the mark on his ring finger was completely gone after being so noticeable right after the divorce. But that was 3 years ago and time had put enough distance between him and the ex to dull the anger and resentments of the steel cage death match he had experienced in court.

He noticed the cars were moving again as another SUV paced beside them with a fresh cut Christmas tree tied to the roof complete with kids bouncing with excitement in the back seat. One of the tots, (around 4 or 5 he guessed), was straining to see the majestic pine with her tiny face pressed hard against the window looking skyward. He shot her quick thumbs up and a wink to help relieve her concern about Santa’s loot drop marker being lost in the sea of traffic. “Any kids of your own?” Nicole seemed to have noticed the new friend he had made. “No, but contrary to popular belief I was one once.” Their exit appeared and soon after they were pulling up to the doors of the Ritz. A bellhop resembling Nanook of the North materialized from nowhere and opened the passenger side door. “Let me come in and help you get situated with a replacement car service.” Nicole pleaded as her guilt over the situation was starting to show again. “That’s really not necessary, you must have family or friends you want to spend time with. I’ll see what the concierge can arrange.” he replied. From under Nanook’s layers of scarves and coats a muffled voice chimed in, “I’m afraid we have only a tiny staff for the holiday, the concierge will not be in today or tomorrow.” Nicole took over from there, “Look Mr. Logan I caused this mess let me help clean it up, PLEASE!”

They both followed the bellhop into the elevator for the ride up to the lobby. The disruption of his itinerary had now became a concern, without a driver he would be stuck in the hotel watching “It’s a wonderful life” and remakes of “A Christmas Carol” until his meeting on Monday. Suddenly Nichole caught a glimpse of herself in the reflection of the mirrored elevator doors. “OH MY GOD!! LOOK AT ME! I LOOK LIKE A FREAK! She practically dislodged the elevator from its tracks as she desperately searched for a compact and some tissues from her purse. “There is a ladies lounge to the right when we get to the lobby Madame” Nanook was only trying to be helpful but his suggestion resulted in a snarl from Nicole. The elevator doors opened and Nicole disappeared into the ladies lounge.

“Mr. Logan it’s good to have you back with us. We haven’t seen you in a while. I hope you find everything satisfactory for your stay.” a crisp and polite voice welcomed him as he approached the check-in desk. “It seems we already have several messages and a fed-ex package for you, let me go get them.” The desk clerk disappeared into the back office to retrieve the package leaving him to once again admire the familiar details of the lobby and the glimmering shine of polished brass and cultured marble. While he reminisced of the countless nights spent closing deals and making new friends inside the lavish mahogany walls of the palatial oasis, his attention became focused upon a figure standing across the large room.

Black Stilettos were the foundation for legs that only the Gods could have designed. Her profile, albeit small, was statuesque in the truest sense of the word. A plain white pleated blouse was perfectly tucked into a pair of skintight Capri’s and accentuated her delicate but supple bust line. He could see the outline of her firm tight ass sloping gently from her back into a perfect teardrop shape. Her long full thick black hair was pulled to one side and delicately rested across her left breast. Simple natural beauty and poise blessed this woman and what he wouldn’t have given for a portrait artist at that very instant. “..Mr. Logan, Sir, Mr. Logan, I have an important message that you are to call your car service.” his temporary escape from the world had been interrupted by the desk clerk who had returned with his messages and a package. “It seems a replacement driver and car were sent to pick you up at the airport but missed you. They are extremely apologetic for the mix up and would like to send a driver here now to cover the rest of your stay,” the words of the desk clerk were only half registering as he struggled to gather himself as all his thoughts were of the woman in the white blouse. “Please call and tell them that Mr. Logan will be finding a new service thank you.” came the familiar motherly voice of Nicole who must have managed to sneak up behind him. As he turned around he realized the memorizing woman in the white blouse was Nicole!

To Be Continued:

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