The top of the line sex android  

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7/27/2005 1:20 pm

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The top of the line sex android

Funny idea there... So this story starts with a little conversation between another AdultFriendFinder member and myself. She's got a MMF fantasy, and the concept got me intrigued.

I'll mention which member it is if she gives me the go-ahead... (And she's given me the go-ahead... shout out to the talented and intelligent Partingshots12 )... anyway, what's that about a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.... Or maybe two in the bush is something else entirely.

Of course, by bird we mean cock and by bush we mean... bush, I guess. So I get intrigued by the concept and I wonder what that would feel like. I'm a straight dude, but talking just pure sensory. What's it like to be thrusting into a woman rubbing against another guy thrusting into the same hole?

That thought's been in my mind all day now... the blessing and curse of being a curious individual.

This got me thinking, and I'm also thinking about a certain gynecologist/patient fantasy that my friendly pen-pal Partingshots12 has scripted out. I figured out my own roleplay scene for the MMF fantasy bit... so here goes.... and thank you PS for the inspiration. Go read her stuff.

The Top of the Line Sex Android

The scene is an office, and the sex android is our playful F, wearing sexy clothes with lingerie underneath in a chair. Behind the desk is a sales professional, M number 1, in a shirt and tie.

Enter M2, the client. He shows up to see the sales presentation. The professional starts talking about the android, describing her parts and features... assuring that she's the best of the best. Top of the line, fully featured, every imaginable option.

The client wants a bit more demonstration though... the vibe between the client and salesman is such that the salesman is uneasily talked into things at each juncture, but has to be convinced by the client.

Starting through the clothes, the professional touches and squeezes parts of her body, describing how perfect they are, the best available anywhere. The client needs to see more though, and convinces the professional to uncover things slowly.

He then works on convincing the professional to do things to the android as a demonstration... fondle her nipples and make them hard... have the android suck on his fingers to show her skills... As this goes on, the client asks to try things on her for himself.

Of course, he must convince the salesman that this is ok... the salesman says that it is highly unorthodox, but if he's really serious about buying then he supposes it's not unreasonable...

The vibe on the conversation throughout is highly complimentary of the android. She's the best, the hottest... there's nothing better available. The technological fulfillment of man's fantasy from the dawn of time. There is nothing better, and no amount of money could be a fair price to pay for her. And she comes equipped with every option, every talent... the men who experience her will experience more pleasure than any man has thus far in human history.

This develops onward and onward into the full encounter... the salesman is protective of the android... show-offy with her as well. He's always hands-on with the activity of the client... when the client sucks a nipple, the salesman holds the breast; when the client licks her vagina, the salesman spreads her labia open for him.

After all, it's not really appropriate for the client to do anything unattended to the android before he makes a formal purchase decision. He can't test drive without the salesman right there.

Eventually it culminates with the salesman spreading the android's vagina open with with his own cock, and the client following by sliding his into her pussy as well.

The scene ends with the client making the purchase, on the provision that the salesman personally be available for the service contract to make house calls whenever the client needs assistance with his new android.

Yeah, this works for me... wonder if I'll get to perform one of the roles sometime

USUL67 46M
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7/31/2005 4:41 am

lol, great story but I've seen something just like it on playboy tv about a year ago (space balls).

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