Musings on writing, music and sex  

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7/30/2005 7:18 pm

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Musings on writing, music and sex

Had a discussion with a novelist last night. Came up with some concepts about being creative actively in the present tense.

Ok, music, writing and sex. Start with writing.

Word processors have changed how we write, because we write and edit simultaneously now. I say, write first and edit later. Forget your backspace. If you want your writing to have a natural rhythmic flow, you have to write with a rhythm. You can't do that if you stop at every word.

And if you get into a zone and write with a flow, sometimes magic happens and you spin a phrase that you'd never find had you agonized word by word. It gets a life of itself; the writing lives and breathes for you when you don't edit as you go along.

Music... when you practice alone, you speed up and slow down to accommodate the parts you are trying to play. You stop in the middle and try again until you get the bit down. Same as with writing, you edit as you go along.

When you play live, or at least with other musicians, you have to do it all in real time. And magic happens and you find yourself playing parts that you'd never come up with otherwise. The music pulls you along, and your instrument feels like it's playing itself sometimes, or maybe the music lives and plays your instrument for you. It's momentum pulls you along like skiing, like disco.

And with sex, it's better if you don't edit as you go along and just flow through the experience. If you're totally in the present tense and ride the rhythm, magic happens. Not the in-out rhythm, but the rhythm of the whole encounter, the entire dance from start to finish.

Like feeling the rhythm of foreplay before there's actual sex happening... feeling the moment and how it leads to the next one. And you can only do that in real time with another person, just like playing music with other musicians.

It means not thinking about what you just did, what you want to do next, where you want to go with it... that's editing. Trying to edit the experience in the middle, thinking that you're going to make it better somehow. It's like hitting backspace when you're trying to screw, or stopping the band so you can try to fit your riff in again... it's not playing, it's practicing.

The magic is in riding the experience and letting it lead you where it wants to. Getting into the zone and the flow and seeing where IT wants to take you. Or maybe to where it organically leads itelf.

Writing, music and sex all develop spirits of their own, lives of their own.... When sex is right between two people, there are three entities present. The sex itself is an active participant in the scene, creating the choreography and desiring its own ends.

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