Fire and Brimstone in the The Lake of Sexual Passions  

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6/30/2005 3:55 am

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Fire and Brimstone in the The Lake of Sexual Passions

Not to worry. I don't share the zeal of the feminists. I recognise that men and women are different.

It's a beautiful story. You are an elementary basic spiritual being which is undivided and whilst not asexual, you cannot express your sexual 'inner' potentials of polarity.

This is symbolised in the sexual act of intercourse.

You oscillate and vibrate in coming together, vibrating and then, hopefully after orgasmic transcension of the 'old state in body-mind interaction (tantra) and communication you separate again (hopefully satisfied) to do it all over again, after a time of 'sexual recuperation'.

Now just imagine, that your orgasmic experience would not stop.

Sex would have no meaning as a constant state of nonchange - get it?

So the eternal April thought/perceived whatever to 'split' ITS polarities into April-He and April-She.

So you have a genetically baseperfect Twin/Shadow whatever.

Trouble in embodiment is to FIND this 'other half' in similar embodiment.

Imo the universe would shake if ANYONE's baseperfect match would be found that way (Now you know why I am single and have no beloved in my life and similar the old hermits/prophets NOT being in partnerships).

So you are not really married (in the eyes of God) until you find your baseperfection.

Now you can solve the mystery of Jesus saying that there is NO MARRIAGE in Heaven and that you are as free as the angels.

And that is why the Book of Rebvelation speaks of a 'Heavenly Wedding' the New Jerusalem being You in your baseperfect partnership.

It is not asexual as the theologians have postulated, but the opposite.

Mystery solved: "The Lake of Fire and Brimstone" is the Love and Sexual Passion between such 'heavenly married' partners.

The He-part is the 'Brimstone' of the 'hard' mental love and passion, creativity etc etc. and the She-part is the 'Fire' of the 'fluent' bodily love/(lust divinised) of the same passion physically expressed.

And finding yourself in such a partnership, you certainly will have absolutely no desires to 'sexually merge' with anyone else and all the false images of independence of man from woman etc will be 'thrown alive into this hell of eternal damnation'.

April, this is very very deep and I do not know if I should share this yet, but what I have written I have written.

But I am aware that you could completely misunderstand this.

But the 'Whore of Babylon' is every woman, including you and so is the 'Beast of 666' every man, including your husband say.

The 'Beast of Babylon' is 'sat upon' by the 'Whore' forming a 'Fake Heavenly Wedding' of almost incomprehensible spiritual power of deception. (Daniel and Revelation combined).

Now the 'False Prophet' rises from the Earth, whilst the 'True Beast' rises from the Sea=Mirror (key read Rev.4 about the throne amidst the sea of glass and then link this to where the Beast arises from in Rev.13).

The 'False Prophet' is Adam=Every Man making a 'False Image' because he does not think 'straight' (ignorance=original sinfulness).

But the sea-beast did not make Adam, Adam made the Image you must read and interpret very carefully.

I am not going to decipher the entire book for you here, but I know what it means in the spirit of Patmos; but you are invited to ask.

So you got a Sea-Beast (compare Behemoth and Leviathan in Job) and its Image made by 'pepole of the earth' and instigated by the First Man=Adam=Every Man.

So the Man 'thinks' as the Creator's Son and is asked by God to cocreate and become an 'apprentice' in this creation-business.

(Again read Job, it is the oldest book in the bible and predates Genesis, truly).

The Sea-Beast is 'real' in the sense of being the Maleness of Adam BEFORE Adam. Gnostics term this the Usuper God Yaldeboath=Jehovah, an abortion of Barbelo and NOT the true God of Jesus and Moses of the I am That I am.

But I do not wish to digress, the gnostic and pregnostic lore is rich in metaphor and pathos; but understanding it allows and is almost prerequisite (imo) for any attempt to decipher the scriptures and scrolls.

But the Sea-Beast is the ISOLATED MALENESS of God (this is crucial).

This is the RED DRAGON of Rev12 being cast into the Earth.

So the 'False Prophet' IMAGES himself in the Red Dragon, which is an abomination relative to the real GOD=Goddog=Male+Female; but seems verypowerful to the 'earthlings'.

Then the IMAGE of the IMAGE is Man mirroring Woman and EVE becomes the Whore of Babylon as image of the Sea-Beast.

Then the power seems complete, in the FakeAdam-FakeEve becoming UNITED in the Whore riding the SeaBeast.

Get it? Meanwhile the 'people' keep copying the fake, leading up to their INDIVIDUALISED Armageddons.

But when the Adam-Eve = Any Man-Any Woman =Whore+Sea-Beast suddenly find their TRUE images not in each other,m b jut themselves, SO DOUBLING themselves; THEN the Fake-Adam is SWALLOWED by EveAdam and the Fake-Eve is SWALLOWED by AdamEve.

In fact they have REDEEMED THEMSELVES in ADAM THINKING straight and EVE DOING straight in primary and secondary sexual characteristics.

Every word in your bible from first to last is describing this, believe it or not.

This is the REDEMPTION of God by the Goddess and vice versa, HERALING all the falls and breaches.

ManWoman redeems GodDog (Dog=perfect reflection=Veritas Eikona of the Goddess as God's=Father's =Abbna's Wife and Beloved).

It is only the embodied ManWoman,which can SAVE God from his loneliness.

My God, and I mean it I have put more out there; perhaps the time has come.

But April, NOW you know that the Old Sea-Beast is NO MORE IF you can PUT IT into yourself as your maleness AS THE GODDESS.

Vice versa for your eternal husband; HE must absorb the fake-Whore to make himself whole=holy.

Example: You wish to be ordained as the Pope and are fully qualified in all criteria except your sex.
Now according to scripture; you are to 'shut up' in the church and consult your husband about those matters of law, say, because he is the head of you as Christ is the head of him).
Now are the wolves howling all over the realms?

Yeah, but I used to be a Baptist, so I'm not totally shocked by this. And Paul did indeed teach this.

Probably modified and corrupted, but the encodings, not being understood are valid and independednt of authorship under gnosis.

Here is wisdom and what you, April now are required to do.
You, April the Goddess, Wife, Mother, Lover, Daughter, etc. etc. take your qualifications for the papal inauguration and enter the podium.
You declare: "I am April and I am fully qualified to be pope.
I herewith declare to the assembled council, that I April assume this highest Earthly office in my capacity as April, the Man and Creator and as my secondary sexual characteristic.

Oh because we have both male and female characteristics. For instance, women have some testesterone. While I'm primarily female, I'm secondarily male?

You have got it.

I herewith declare to openly, and subject to evaluation NOT to assume this office from my primary sexual characteristic as a Woman and Creation."
Then there is applause and you are April the pope in succession of whatever male hierarchy might apply.
Then there might be issues with your patriarchial and matriarchial descent or whatever, say from the catholic perspective and tradition.
BUT, knowing about the above indicated Abraham-Isaac-Jacob Genes, all this becomes peripheral.

Not sure what you are referring to here. The Israel patriarchal Davidic lineage?

Yes, and the Adam-Eve genealogy and the whole shebang.

Do you understand dear One, that the 'apparent' sexism is an important step for the human evolvement?

No, but I'm open-minded. I don't have a problem with accepting the apparent fact that different people have different roles.

In primary and secondary characteristics only. We are double-transformers.

Back to the science and you see that if the Universe is feminine then there must also be a 'shadow universe' which is male.
This has been known as the male God and the female Universe.
They are forever married as Mind and Body, which CAN and SHOULD however reflect in the circuits.

Wow, so the information or energy (Mind) arranges itself into matter (body)!? No wonder mathematics is called the mind of God!

I agree full heartedly.

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