Continued thoughts on gender equality  

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7/21/2005 8:54 pm

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Continued thoughts on gender equality

I hate being a man.

Ok, let me back up. Yes I know that men "make more money" and "have more power", but I'm not in a high ranking position. I make enough money, but a woman in my position makes the same money.

No, I hate being a man because an "unattractive" middle aged married woman can have guys at her feet if she says she wants another partner. The same is not the case for a man in the same position. Ok, well, no I could have a ton of gay men at my feet, but it's pretty much impossible to find a woman who would be interested.

Now, those that know me know that not only do I not find ANY woman unattractive, I find all women sexy...especially ones who are older and actually have, you know, real curves. The only type of woman I find that's not sexy is one who is so "sexy" by normal standards that she's untouchable. Either she would NEVER let anyone other than a demi-god buff male touch her, or one that you're just afraid they will break when you touch them thanks to their slim figure.

I like real women. Unfortunately, women don't like real men. I guess that's because they have all the power sexually. They snap their fingers, and a man is theirs. I don't see how any women are ever bored...there's tons of men that would be very willing to fulfill every sexual desire they have if they would but ask.

I'm one of them, the link to email if you need one.

I actually think I'm going to give up and just resign myself to the fact that because I am a loving person who won't leave someone just on the basis of an incompatible sexual life I will never have my sexual needs taken care of.

And no, I'm not desperate enough to try a man. Don't ask. Although I am flattered.

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