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9/6/2005 11:36 am

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Something to consider.

I recently added a profile at another "free" adult dating site (which I will NOT name since I'm not advertising for them here). Free as in you can register and browse listings for free but if you want to do anything more you have to pay a heavy price.

Anyway, I just barely got my profile set up there, and added a single picture. By the end of the day I already had two flirty messages there that I can't respond to unless I join. Haven't joined yet but at least once a day I get another message from another member.

Now I was going to become a paying member of AdultFriendFinder after I purchase my new PC at the end of the month anyway. Just so I can browse profiles and perhaps contact someone finally. Plus the cam shutting off during cam shows is annoying too. Was thinking about joining the other site too (yes, I'm that desperate to find a lover) even if only to check out the profiles of these girls that are messaging me. The problem is.... I have my suspicions of the authenticity of the messages. I have the sneaking feeling that they're more or less just adds to try to get me to pay, then when I actually do I'll find out the hard way they weren't for real afterall. As I said these messages are flirty, but they seem a bit impersonal to me too. Besides I feel how could these sexy women who are writing (from their pictures) be interested in a guy like me? And there's a message at the bottom reminding me I can't respond to messages like this till I join.

Btw in all the time I've been here the only messages I've gotten that weren't of a newsletter or the Cupid matches type were from another guy *rolls eyes*

So to join or not to join, that is the question? Satisfy my curiosity and have a (slim) chance at finding a girlfriend soon, or play it safe and save some money for when I do find her?

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