Rant of the day: Friend going away.  

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8/8/2005 2:11 pm

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Rant of the day: Friend going away.

I need to stop complaining in these posts or else all who read these will think of me as a whining brat (well...guess I am at times. *SIGH*) Tell you what, my next post will be a description of the latest sexy roleplay I've been playing. (more on that below)

So anyways, I rushed home from running errands to chat with my favorite online friend and roleplaying partner. We set our main story aside for the moment (the epic fantasy) to play what we call our "side story." This one's set in modern times and is getting really hot

Then tragedy struck today. I got an e-mail from my friend saying she's having trouble with her phone line and as a result will be offline till further notice. Hopefully no more than a few weeks till she can get the money together to resolve it. Now this is a friend I've been chatting with all the time since about Christmas this last year. Of late we've been staying up till 3 or 4AM playing and usually chat whenever both of us are home during the day too. So going from talking constantly to not knowing when I'm going to see her again is going to drive me nuts!

Then there's the dilemma of me wanting to help her. But just got through reading this article about online con artists trying to get money out of people with romance scams. And as I make very little as it is, I can't take the risk. *DEEP SIGH*

This isn't the first time I've had a good friend online only to lose them over something like this. It's happened so much I'm beginning to think I'm cursed.

Ah well, latest rant done. I'll try to be brighter in my next post.

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