Nice Guys Finish Last  

rm_SirStrider80 36M
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7/26/2005 4:31 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Nice Guys Finish Last

Well there goes another day off *grumbles*

I had planned to be chatting with one of my roleplaying buddies today, work on our story some perhaps. Then my little sister (she's 20 by the way, but I'll always refer to her as my little sister) asked me to take her shopping for her new boyfriend's birthday. I grudgingly agreed after being told I'm mean for not wanting to, figuring I'd be back in a short time. 4 hours later I'm just signing back on.

First it was a trip to Best Buy for DVDs. I priced computers there since I desperately want to get my own. After that it's "Can we go to Target?" for wrapping paper and a few essentials she needed. Then it's "Can you drop me off with a friend at Downtown Disney?" So I did, after figuring out how to get there. On her way out the door, it was "Can you go buy (her boyfriend's) cake for his birthday. Don't forget the two "2" candles." *Deep sigh* Took over an hour with traffic just to get back to our hometown. Of course she wanted to get him a cheesecake, so that stop cost me $20 out of my own pocket. Plus my mom wanted me to bring back a Starbucks coffee for her on top of that.

It's not just at home this happens too. I get calls from the girls at work all the time as well. "Can you trade shifts with me?" so they can have a more favorable schedule. Or on my days off it's "Can you pick up something for dinner for me during my break?" and then wanting me to stay and visit for the rest of the night. And then awhile back I use to make treats for work on occasion (cookies, brownies, ect.) but it got to the point where everytime I came in I was asked "What did you bring???" and was looked on disapprovingly if I hadn't had time or money to do anything.

And now the worst part is not only do I feel guilty if I don't be the nice guy and do what friends and family ask of me, but I feel even worse for complaining about it! Can't win, can I? LOL

(PS: The title has a certain significance. My sister's favorite band is Green Day, and one of my favorite songs by them is "Nice Guys Finish Last")

rm_venture12002 62M
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7/26/2005 7:34 pm

I'm older so I've had it happen more and I can tell you with the woman you want to sleep with hold back on the nice.I've had several over the years tell me when I tried to sleep with them that I was the only man in their life they could always count on so they couldn't do that.Ah the wonderful female thought process.Then they would move on too some guy who beat the crap out of them.There are a FEW who like it when you try and make them feel special.You just have to wait till you get with one of them.I like doing for others.It makes me feel good, however many will take advantage.You'll have to learn who will be grateful and who will use you as you get older.Don't let the A**holes stop you from helping others.Also I'm not talking about you're sister.You should always do for family.At least I think so.

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