Latest roleplay fantasy  

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8/9/2005 3:32 pm

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Latest roleplay fantasy

As promised, the latest roleplay my friend and I have gotten into.

Each of us are playing two characters in this story. She originally started with her cute, somewhat shy writer and housewife, lonely from the absence of her husband who’s constantly away on business, and who secretly enjoys her man to be a bit forceful with her. Later she added her character’s new girlfriend, an outgoing, flirty, sexy single lady with no compunctions about flirting with anyone, and who can be a bit rude to her friend at times. My original character is the next door neighbor to the couple. An artist by trade, high school friend of the husbands, and good friend/lover of the young wife. I also took over playing the husband, a workaholic who neglects his wife unless he’s in the mood to gloat in front of his buddy that he has such a hot wife.

Our story began with the young wife and the neighbor hanging out one night when she was left alone and feeling down. He quickly cheered her by showing her the attention she craved. But by the end of the night his intentions came out as he seduced her in the hot tub. Torn between her loyalty to her husband and her desires, she’s tried repeatedly to end the affair only to give in to him time and again. Things become more complicated when her hubby returns from a long business trip. Her secret lover delights in subtly touching her, stealing kisses and hinting at elements of their relationship only known to them in front of her husband.

The husband, oblivious to these signs, carries on making his work his number one priority unless he wants to show off in front of his friend. Such as one night while they were all together watching a movie, and he began to fool around with her under a blanket, having her sit on his lap with both of them naked from the waist down while their friend was not three feet away. But when again she desires her husband’s affections, he’s too busy prepping for work and needing his rest. Her desire builds and tensions mount between the couple. Till her cravings are satisfied not by her husband, but once again the neighbor when he comes upon her napping while the husband is in a meeting. And later, he performs oral sex on her in the bathroom while her husband is just upstairs using the phone.

In a desperate attempt to set thins right again, she calls on her friend and tries to set her up with the neighbor friend during dinner at their house. Unfortunately for her, her husband’s eye is drawn to her sexy young friend, and the girl is not above flirting with both men even in her friend’s presents. And things heat up further when the foursome end up again in the hot tub. The young wife’s jealousy rises not only when her flirtatious friend goes after her husband, but when the now topless girl kisses her secret lover as well.

And that’s where we left off. Can’t wait to see what more comes of this steamy tale.

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