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7/22/2005 11:54 am

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A little more about me...

... than what you find in the standard profile. I know, I know, such a vain topic for a first blog, but not my intent. I had thought of another topic I wanted to write on, but without proper background it might not make complete sense. Plus I can use some of the profile questions I wasn't satisfied with as jumping off points for topics here.

Anyways, at the time of this writing I'm 24 years old. Still living at home (in part because I don't make enough money to support myself alone and in part because of the close attachment I have with my family.) I work as a cashier (mostly, they do find other tasks for me such as clean up and stocking occasionally, and anytime something heavy needs to be moved, guess who they call) at a local retail store. Far from my dream job but it's all I can find at the moment. Hoping to use this job experience to get something better eventually.

I was attending college, taking care of my general education and delving into graphic design, till my money ran out and forced me to start work. I am hoping to go back, but at the moment my priority is saving for my own PC so I can do my graphics work at home as well as at school. Hoping that this will eventually lead into a career in graphic design/computer animation.

I have a deep love of all things fantasy. I collect swords, fantasy art work in the forms of dragons, mermaids, knights, castles, fantasy women, ect. I look forward to attending my local Renaissance Faire every year, during which I attend in costume. My dream home would be to build a fantasy castle. I love to read, espcially fantasy stories, and watch movies. I spend much of my free time on the computer. While I do browse webpages and play games, my real reason for being on the PC so much is that I love to chat and roleplay.

And now for the reason we're all here....

I have no love life to speak of really. I'm a virgin in the ways of actual, physical contact (unless masturbation and the use of toys count). Never even shared a real kiss with anyone. The limit of my experience extends to what I've observed in movies, documentaries, and books, and to the cyber world. I enjoy cyber sex and erotic roleplays whenever I can find a willing partner. The most erotic thing I have ever done is masturbated on cam for whoever wished to watch at the time. This is why I am here, desperately hoping to expand this lack of experience.

Well anyway, that's a little bit about me. I thank you for reading, and welcome to my world.

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